Jakarta, Indonesia
07–09 DECEMBER 2015


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A New E-Passport Journey: From Design to Secure Issuance

Fadi Saadallah

KBA-NotaSys (Switzerland)


Advanced Technologies for New Generation Banknotes

Evgeny Veselov

Goznak (Russia)


Efforts to Enhance Identifiability of Bank of Japan Notes

National Printing Bureau

National Printing Bureau (Japan)

E-Passport and E-ID Markets in Asia Pacific

Deepika Bansal

Strategic Defense Intelligence (India)

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Bucharest, Romania
14–16 MARCH 2016

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Mexico City, Mexico
20–22 JUNE 2016

Find out more about High Security Printing Latin America

San Francisco, USA
10–12 FEBRUARY 2016


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Advances in Optically Variable Magnetic Printing Technologies

Edgar Müller

SICPA (Switzerland)

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The magnetic orienting of optically variable pigment particles during the printing process yields appealing, dynamic shape- and color-changing images.

The paper addresses, based on experimental measurements and their interpretation, some relationships between the pigment orientation in the obtained images and the characteristics of pigment and ink, the properties of the orienting magnets, and the curing conditions of the printed ink.


Virtual Identity Document—Sooner, Later Or Never

Raymond Wong

Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)