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Discover New Authentication Technologies and Solutions

There is a growing array of technologies and systems used to authenticate banknotes, ID documents and other products.

Published by Authentication News, The Directory of Authentication Suppliers is the only one-stop guide to the key producers of authentication technologies, systems and solutions.

This makes it a comprehensive listing of specialised suppliers in all fields, which is valued by the users of authentication technologies for banknotes, secure documents and branded goods.

  • 70 A4 pages
  • Available in print and digital formats
  • Expanded to include emerging technologies and suppliers
  • Previously The Authentication Connections Directory

The first edition was published in 2004. The third edition will be published in Atumn 2017.

The Directory will be made available free of charge to the users and specifiers of authentication technologies.

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Supplied free to your potential and existing customers, the new edition will be made available to users and specifiers of the technologies and systems used to authenticate banknotes, ID documents and other products.

This makes it an ideal opportunity for suppliers to raise their profile – and get their latest innovations seen worldwide.

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Sponsors will also receive between two and 10 free copies of the directory, depending on the size of advert chosen.


Comprehensive listings of specialised suppliers in all fields

Included in this report

The new directory provides details of over 400 specialised suppliers categorised in eight sections.

It also includes a glossary of authentication terms and an additional section listing anti-counterfeiting and industry associations.

  • Substrates and Security Components
    paper, polymer & composite substrates, films, tamper-evident laminates & label stock, watermarks, security threads/tear tapes,  fibres & planchettes
  • Inks, Pigments and Coatings
    ink components & adhesives, coatings and varnishes, security inks
  • Taggants and Forensic Features
    physical, biological, spectroscopic, nano
  • Print Technologies, Equipment and Features
    security design software, printing systems, print features
  • Optically Variable Devices (OVDs)
    diffractive, reflective/refractive, micro-optics & nanostructures, colour shift optically variable materials
  • Coding and Serialisation
    coding technologies, serialisation systems, track and trace
  • Detection, Verification and Analysis
    scanners & readers, smartphone authentication, monitoring & analytic tools
  • Integrators
    banknote printers, passport printers, commercial security printers, security label manufacturers

How to Get Your Company Included

Any company that provides one or more of these services is entitled to a basic listing in the directory.

To include your company, provide your details and select all of the categories that apply.

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