If you represent an organisation requiring a strategic input in the fields of authentication, anti-counterfeiting or holography, then Reconnaissance International can provide the contribution you need.

Our recent client list includes major government and intergovernmental agencies, brand owners, authentication systems and hologram manufacturers. Our in-depth resources enable us to undertake national or international strategic projects, company-wide anti-counterfeiting programmes or suppliers’ strategic business development plans.

Our collective experience over many years has helped to shape the development of the authentication and hologram industries through our newsletters, conferences, market studies, reports and consultancy, giving us a unique and specialised insight into both the problems of counterfeiting and diversion and their solutions. This insight translates into a range of consultancy services based on the cornerstones of expertise, experience, independence, insight and impartiality.


Sectors in which we work

The principal sectors utilising our consultancy services include:

Government organisations, trade and industry associations, enforcement agencies

We help develop and support programs and initiatives for assessing and countering the potential dangers to members of the public from fake goods:

  • Anti-counterfeiting strategy and policy development;
  • Risk analysis and impact assessment;
  • Communications and education programs.

Brand owners, manufacturers and distributors

We work with commercial organisations on a practical level to help them enhance their understanding of counterfeiting and diversion issues and develop their corporate strategic response and customised countermeasures:

  • counterfeit and piracy risk assessment;
  • anti-counterfeiting strategy development and implementation;
  • assessment of anti-counterfeit services and technologies
  • training, seminars, in-house development.

Anti-counterfeiting product and service providers

We work with authentication suppliers to shape their business development programmes and to develop partnership profiles and market-entry strategies:

  • Strategic planning and market assessment;
  • Business plan development and marketing strategies;
  • Competitor reviews and partner/supplier profiles;
  • Due diligence for potential mergers and acquisitions.

Manufacturers, converters and users of holograms and diffractive OVDs

We are the acknowledged experts in holography and our specific expertise in holographic technologies, markets and applications have helped many companies investing in or working with holograms:

  • Business plan development;
  • Industry analysis and market research;
  • Hologram design and specification requirements;
  • Education and training;
  • Due diligence and financial analysis


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