137 delegates from 68 organisations and 35 countries attended the last conference in 2014, the 25th event for the holography industry organised by Reconnaissance.

They heard a wide range of presentations which showed the breadth and depth of the holography industry, as well as its creativity and innovation.

The Holography Conference 2014


Organisations taking part in Istanbul in December 2014

  • ACTC - Anti-Crime Technology Corporation (Germany)
  • Advanced Track and Trace (France)
  • Alan Stapelberg (USA)
  • AM-PG Group (Armenia)
  • API Holographics (United Kingdom)
  • APO Production Unit (Philippines)
  • Authentication Solutions Protection Assocation (ASPA) (India)
  • Bajaj Holographics (India)
  • Bank of Indonesia (Indonesia)
  • Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Russia)
  • Bayer MaterialScience (Germany)
  • Bowater Holographics (United Kingdom)
  • Buyuk Endustriyel Urunler Paz. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. (Turkey)
  • Centro Grafico DG (Italy)
  • Ceres Imaging (United Kingdom)
  • Combustion Ingenieros (Colombia)
  • Computer Holography Centre (Russia)
  • CSEM SA Basel (Switzerland)
  • Dai Nippon Printing (Japan)
  • Demax Holograms Plc (Bulgaria)
  • DiARTs (Switzerland)
  • Difraks Sol (Latvia)
  • DNP Asia Pacific (Singapore)
  • Eton Technologies (China)
  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise STC "Atlas" (Russia)
  • Foshan Sanjian Packaging (China)
  • Giriraj Foils (India)
  • Hangyo International (Korea)
  • Henan Province Wellking Technologies (China)
  • Holoflex (India)
  • Hologram Company Rako (Germany)
  • Hologram Industries (France)
  • HoloGrate JSC (Russia)
  • Holoptica (UK)
  • Holo-Source Corporation (USA)
  • Holostik India Limited (India)
  • Holoxica (United Kingdom)
  • Impresora Silvaform (Mexico)
  • IQ Structures (Czech Republic)
  • Kevin Metpack (India)
  • Krypten Research & Production (Russian Federation)
  • Lazos Internacionales (Mexico)
  • Luminit Security Microstructure Group (USA)
  • Morphotonix (Switzerland)
  • MTM Bilisim Arge Yazilim ve Guvenlik Teknolojileri San. Ticaret.(Turkey)
  • Nanotexx (Germany)
  • NorthBeach Holography (USA)
  • NovaVision (USA)
  • OpSec Security Group (United Kingdom)
  • Optrace (Ireland)
  • OVD Kinegram (Switzerland)
  • Pacific Holographics (USA)
  • Papierfabrik Louisenthal (Germany)
  • PB Holotech India Private (India)
  • Police Presidium CR (Czech Republic)
  • Polish Holographic Systems (Poland)
  • Polinas (Turkey)
  • Process Color (Canada)
  • PT Jasuindo Tiga Perkasa Tbk (Indonesia)
  • Reflective Materials Manufactory Company SZU (Holoart) (China)
  • Rolic Technologies (Switzerland)
  • PWPW Polish Security Printing Works (Poland)
  • PT Pura (Indonesia)
  • Security Holograms (UK)
  • Schreiner Group (Germany)
  • Stensborg Inc (Netherlands)
  • Tanzania Revenue Authority (Tanzania)
  • Taurus SecureSolutions (Greece)
  • TecScan (United Kingdom)
  • tesa scribos (Germany)
  • Toppan Printing (Japan)


The 2014 Programme

Wednesday 03 December

Pre-Conference Seminar

  • Introduction to the New Hologram Image Register

Pre-Conference Seminar

  • The Competition for Security Holograms

Thursday 04 December

Session OneSecurity Holograms

  • British Consulate General (Istanbul)

    Welcome to The Holography Conference 2014

  • Ian Lancaster, Reconnaissance International (UK)

    25 Years of Holography

  • Yasmasa Kamata, Toppan Printing (Japan)

    Functional Requirements of Next Generation Security Holograms

  • David Niven, Holoptica (USA)

    HoloOr & The Rugby World Cup

  • Nesim Faro, MTM Holografi (Turkey)

    Case Study: The Turkish Cultural Tax Stamp

  • Petr Svacina & Avo Aubrecht, Czech Police Presidium (Czech Republic)

    Optical Techniques for Inspection of DOVIDs

  • Tim Sandford, Bowater Holographics (UK)

    The Emperor's Digital Clothes

  • Hugues Souparis, Hologram Industries (France)

    Opto-Digital Convergence in Security Holograms

Session TwoDevelopments in Hologram Production

  • David Kallweit, CSEM (Switzerland)

    Novel Technology for Hologram Steel Tooling

  • Prof Vincent Toal & Prof Emilia Mihaylova, Optrace (Ireland)

    Mass Production of Fully Serialised Holograms - An Overview

  • Paul Dunn, Opsec Security

    Control of Spectral Colours for a Novel Optical Feature

  • Rainer Hagen, Friedrich Bruder, Thomas Fäcke & Günther Walze, Bayer MaterialScience (Germany)

    Methods for Production of Accurate Volume Holograms Based on Bayer Photopolymer

  • Nadir Ahmed, Idvac (UK); Shobhit Arora, Giriraj Foils (India)

    Colour-Shift Metallised Film Without Embossing

  • Ken Harris, DiArts (USA)

    The ER Beam Origination System

Friday 05 December

Session ThreeInnovations in Hologram Applications

  • Veronica Savu, Morphotonix

    In-Mould Microstructures for Chocolates and Plastics

  • Andrew Laczynski, Laczynski & Angus Creative

    Interior Design with Holographic Tiles

  • Javid Khan, Holoxica (UK)

    Applications of Digital Hologram in Medical Imaging

  • Wilfred Schipper, Nanotexx

    Functionalization of Flexible and Rigid Materials

  • Engin Arik, Luminit

    Commercial Applications of Holographic Light Shaping Diffusers, and Opportunites for Holographic Optical Elements

  • Ilker Selvi, Polinas (Turkey)

    Polinas in Holographic Packaging and Applications

  • H. Polat Dalkiran, General Command of Mapping (Turkey); Sung Chul Park, Hangyo International (South Korea)

    From Clay to Hologram: 3D Printing for Cartographic Publishing

Session FourInto the Future of the Holography Industry

  • Panel Discussion

    So That's 25 Years: What about the Next 25?

  • Heath Thomas, API

    A Corporate Fitness Programme for a Hologram Manufacturer

  • Mike Messmer, Novavision & Chairman, IHMA

    The IHMA and the Hologram Image Register: Into the Future

  • Eddie Wong, Eton Technologies (China)

    Challenges to the Hologram Industry in China


  • BEP Hologram


  • AM-PG Group
  • Bowater Holographics


  • DiARTS
  • Giriraj Foils
  • IHMA
  • MTM


  • Advanced Track & Trace
  • Ceres Imaging
  • Combustion Ingenieros
  • Computer Holography Centre
  • Demax Holograms
  • Difraks Sol
  • Foshan Sanjian Packaging Co
  • Optrace
  • Polish Holographic Systems