Over 140 delegates from 80 organisations and 24 countries came together for The Holography Conference in Shanghai, which took place in December 2015.



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The organisations taking part in Shanghai in December 2015

  • Andrews & Wykeham (UK)
  • API Holographics (UK)
  • Authentication Solutions Protection Association - ASPA (India)
  • Bank of Israel
  • Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Russia)
  • Beijing Hope-Rainbow Technology (China)
  • Beijing Zhongguang Hengtai Cultural Communication (China)
  • Bowater Industries (UK)
  • Chanwanich Security Printing (Thailand)
  • Chengdu Jintom Security Printing (China)
  • China Trade Association for Anti-Counterfeiting - CTAAC
  • China-Britain Business Council (China)
  • Combustion Ingenieros (Colombia)
  • Computer Holography Centre (Russia)
  • De La Rue (UK)
  • Demax Holograms (Bulgaria)
  • Deutsche Bundesbank (Germany)
  • DiARTs (Switzerland)
  • DNP Asia Pacific (Singapore)
  • Eton Technologies (China)
  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise ‘STC“ Atlas’ (Russia)
  • Foshan Sanjian Packaging Co. (China)
  • FPY. Holographic Technologies (Russia)
  • Giriraj Foils (India)
  • Guangdong XinRui New Material Technology (China)
  • Hellenic Institute of Holography (Greece)
  • Henan Province Wellking Technologies (China)
  • Holo-Source Corporation (USA)
  • Hologram Company Rako (Germany)
  • Holographic Security Marking Systems (India)
  • Holostik India
  • Holotek Optronics (Zhuhai) Co. (China)
  • Hucais (China)
  • Idvac (UK)
  • IHMA (UK)
  • Impresora Silvaform (Mexico)
  • InterCrim-Press (Russia)
  • IQ Structures (Czech Republic)
  • Krypten Research & Production (Russia)
  • L-3 Communications EOTech (USA)
  • Lazos Internacionales (Mexico)
  • Morphotonix (Switzerland)
  • MTM (Turkey)
  • Nanotech Security Group (Switzerland)
  • Nanotexx (Germany)
  • National Bank of Ukraine
  • NovaVision (USA)
  • O’TEC (Japan)
  • OpSec Security Group (UK)
  • Optaglio (Czech Republic)
  • Optaglio Limited (UK)
  • Optrace (Ireland)
  • Pacific Holographics (USA)
  • Polish Holographic Systems (Poland)
  • Polygrama (USA)
  • Process Color (India)
  • PT Jasuindo Tiga Perkasa Tbk (Indonesia)
  • PT Pura Barutama (Indonesia)
  • Sectago (Germany)
  • Securikett (Austria)
  • Shanghai Baolv Packaging Materials Technology (China)
  • Shanghai Guanzhong (China)
  • Shanghai Hongdun Anti-Counterfeit Material Co. (China)
  • Shanghai Techsun Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Holding Co. (China)
  • Shanghai Zijiang Metallization Environmental Protection Material Co. (China)
  • Shaoxing Jinghua (China)
  • Shenzhen Shenda Aurora Technology Co. (China)
  • Spectra Holo (India)
  • St Petersburg State University (Russia)
  • Stardust Europe (Estonia)
  • SVG Optronics (China)
  • Tasnim Trace (UAE)
  • tesa scribos (Germany)
  • TOPTICA Photonics (Germany)
  • UFLEX (India)
  • Wood & Associates (China/USA)
  • Wuhan Huagong Image Technology & Development Co. (China)
  • Xi’an Xizheng Printing (China)
  • Yunnan Holobeam Security Technology (China)
  • Zhongchao Special Security Technology Co. (China)

Event photos

The 2015 Programme

Thursday 03 December

Session OneThe Chinese Holographic Landscape

  • China Trade Association for Anti-Counterfeiting (CTAAC) (China)

    Welcome Address

  • Rongwu Yin, CTAAC - China Trade Association for Anti Counterfeiting (China)

    Current Situation and Development of China's Anti-counterfeiting Industry

  • Mark Deakes Reconnaissance International (UK)

    The Holography Industry’s Place in the Global Perspective

  • Tom Duke China Britain Business Council (China)

    Protecting Your IP in China

  • Xiu-Ding Chen Reconnaissance International (Germany)

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Doing Business in China

  • Mike Messmer International Hologram Manufacturers Association (US)

    The New Hologram Image Register (HIR) and the IHMA in China

  • XiaoDong Liu Henan Wellking Technologies Development (China)

    Table Salt Verification – a Long-Running, Large Volume Case Study

Session TwoSecurity Holograms and Standards

  • Kai Sun Zhongchao Special Security Technology (China)

    High Security Products Combining Surface-Relief Structures and Reflective Coatings

  • Astrid Mitchell Currency News (UK)

    Holograms For Currency

  • Paul Dunn OpSec Security (UK)

    Integration of Diffractive and Colour Shifting OVDs

  • Max Zolotukhin Andrews & Wykeham (UK)

    HOLOSEAL™ – Bullet Proof Mobile Authentication

  • Chander Jeena Authentication Solutions Providers Association (ASPA) (India)

    Use of Holograms As Security and Authentication Devices in India

  • Roman Nahálka Optaglio (Czech Republic)

    Computer Generated Hologram - CGH AS A New Graphical and Security Feature in Embossed Secure Holograms

  • Ian Lancaster Reconnaissance International (UK)

    ISO 14298 Management of Security Foil Production

Friday 04 December

Session ThreeMaterials, Manufacture and Quality

  • Tomson Chen Sanjan Packaging (China)

    The Hologram Embossing and Gravure Printing Line

  • Paul Dunn OpSec Security (UK)

    Going Green – the Importance of Sustainable Manufacturing in Holography

  • Glenn Wood Wood & Associates International (China/US)

    UV Embossing – New Generation Optical Surfaces for Packaging

  • André Jacobovitz Polygrama (Brazil)

    A Photopolymer for Hologram Producers

  • Ricardo Amézquita Combustión Ingenieros (Colombia)

    Dots per Inch - A Meaningless Criterion of Hologram Quality?

  • Wilfried Schipper Nanotexx (Germany)

    Roll-2-Roll Nano-Imprint Lithography

Session FourInnovations in Hologram Applications

  • Alkis Lembessis Hellenic Institute of Holography (Greece)

    The Attack of OptoClones®: The Making of the Bowater Collection of Fabergé Holographic Optical Clones

  • Pawel Stepien Polish Holographic Systems (Poland)

    Solar Cell Structures from a Hologram Mastering System

  • Veronica Savu Morphotonix (Switzerland)

    Additive-Free Product Embedded Security

  • Nadir Ahmed Idvac (UK)

    Narrow Width Vacuum Web Coater for Advanced Holographic Applications

Thank you to our sponsors and exhibitors


  • China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation (CBPM)


  • DiArts
  • Giriraj Foils
  • Optaglio
  • Sanjan Packing Machinery
  • Wood & Associates International


  • IHMA
  • China Trade Association for Anti-Counterfeiting


  • Combustion Ingenieros
  • Computer Holography Centre
  • Demax Holograms
  • Krypten
  • Optrace
  • Polish Holographic Systems