The Holography Conference 2016 took place in Warsaw, Poland from 29-30 November. It saw 132 delegates from 33 countries come together to discuss the latest innovations, developments and trends in commercial holography, from security and authentication to design and display.


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See who attended the 2016 conference

  • Alan Hodgson Consulting (UK)
  • Astellas Pharma (Japan)
  • Authentication Solution Providers’ Association (ASPA) (India)
  • Azar Hologram (India)
  • Bangladesh Tariff Commission
  • Bank of England
  • Bank of Israel
  • BASF Schweiz (Switzerland)
  • Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Russia)
  • BEP Hologram (Turkey)
  • Bowater Industries (UK)
  • Bundespolizeiprasidium (Germany)
  • Canadian Banknote Company
  • collIDe Consult (USA)
  • Combustión Ingenieros (Colombia)
  • Computer Holography Centre (Russia)
  • Defence Science & Technology (UK)
  • DEMAX Holograms (Bulgaria)
  • Deutsche Bundesbank (Germany)
  • DiARTs (Switzerland)
  • Divya Impex (India)
  • European Central Bank (Germany)
  • Federal Office of Police (Switzerland)
  • FNMT - RCM (Spain)
  • Formas Inteligentes (Mexico)
  • FPY. Holographic Technologies (Russia)
  • Geola Digital Lab (Lithuania)
  • Giriraj Foils (India)
  • Hansholo Consulting (UK)
  • Hazen Paper Company (USA)
  • Hologram Company (Germany)
  • Hologram.Industries Research (Germany)
  • HoloGrate (Russia)
  • Holostik India (India)
  • Hueck Folien (Austria)
  • Idvac (UK)
  • Innovia Security (Australia)
  • IQ Structures (Czech Republic)
  • Istituto Holográfico Terrasun (Spain)
  • Istituto Poligrafico E Zecca Dello Stato (Italy)
  • KBA-NotaSys (Switzerland)
  • Keesing Technologies (Netherlands)
  • Krypten (Russia)
  • Kumbhat Holographics (India)
  • Leonhard Kurz (Germany)
  • LK Forensic Competencies (Switzerland)
  • MACHOVIA Technology Innovations (Czech Republic)
  • Morphotonix (Switzerland)
  • MTM Holografi (Turkey)
  • Nanotech Security Corp (Canada)
  • Narodowy Bank Polski (Poland)
  • National Bank of Belgium
  • NovaVision (USA)
  • OpSec Security Group (UK)
  • O'tec (Japan)
  • Pacific Holographics (USA)
  • Papierfabrik Louisenthal (Germany)
  • Polish Holographic Systems (Poland)
  • Polish Security Printing Works (Poland)
  • Rasik Products (India)
  • Reef House (Jordan)
  • Rolic Technologies (Switzerland)
  • SAUERESSIG (Germany)
  • SC Zoom Soft (Romania)
  • Securikett Ulrich & Horn (Austria)
  • Service of Technological Security of State Documents (Lithuania)
  • STC "Atlas" (Russia)
  • Stensborg (Denmark)
  • SURYS (France)
  • Uflex (India)
  • Umicore Thin Film Products (Liechtenstein)
  • University of Lausanne (Switzerland)
  • UPS2 (UK)
  • Wood & Associates (USA)

2016 Gallery

2016 Programme

Over 25 expert speakers joined us at the event to present on a diverse range of topics, including the following sessions:

  • ‘Modern’ Holograms, Nano-Optical Security and the KineMax story
  • New Dimensions for Holography
  • Innovations in Origination, Materials and Printed Features
  • Next Generation Holographic Features and Production Techniques
  • Panel Discussion – OVD Foil Features in Polymer Banknotes
  • OVDs for Banknotes
  • DOVIDs for Identity
  • Revenue and Brand Protection

Download the event brochure to see the full speaker list.

We were also delighted that our Honorary Sponsor, PWPW, provided a post-conference tour of their facilities to 30 delegates after the conference closed on Thursday morning.

2016 Sponsors and Exhibitors

We were joined by a number of sponsors and exhibitors at the event in our exhibition hall. Thank you to all of the organisations who joined us – your support makes the event so unique within the industry.

  • Honorary – Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW)
  • Gold – Polish Holographics Systems
  • Silver – DiARTS, Giriraj Foils Pvt Ltd
  • Association – IHMA
  • Exhibitors – Computer Holography Centre, IQ Structures, International Tax Stamp Association, Krypten, Morphotonix