Holography News is a comprehensive information source on the development of holographic products, technologies, services and markets for security, brand enhancement and industrial applications.

Holography News is the only newsletter to cover such developments, and comprises 12 issues per year.

Each issue includes news, features on new products and technologies, case studies and successful applications, interviews with key figures who are supplying or using holographic products, as well as in-depth commentary and analysis to give you the inside track on this dynamic and highly-specialised industry.


Essential reading for anyone involved in holography – as a supplier, producer, converter or user

What Holography News Covers

  • New techniques, equipment and services for design, production and application
  • New production and ancillary materials
  • New products and technologies
  • Patents
  • Markets and applications
  • Contracts and case studies
  • Profiles and analyses of regional, sector and technology trends
  • Company news – investments, alliances, acquisitions, financial performance (including Stockwatch)
  • Key people in the industry
  • Publications and conferences
  • IHMA updates

Who Should Read Holography News

  • Hologram design, origination and mastering companies
  • Manufacturers of hologram origination, production and finishing equipment
  • Suppliers of OEM components and of base materials, services and related technologies
  • Hologram manufacturers
  • Printing, packaging and labelling companies which convert or apply holographic materials
  • Buyers/users of products incorporating holographic materials, including design agencies, brand managers for consumer goods, security printers and secure document specifiers
  • Investors, analysts and consultants
  • Optical R&D organisations

Five Reasons to Subscribe

  • Unique
    The only one-stop source of news and information on holography, which is simply not available from any other source – saving you time and money in keeping up to date with the industry
  • Expert
    Analysis and commentary from a team which knows and understands holography inside out –
    helps you fast track your business and product development
  • Independent and Objective
    Cuts through the spin to you inside angle on the best suppliers, products and techniques
  • Frequent
    Issued 12 times a year to keeps you fully up to date with news on technologies, applications and markets
  • Resourceful
    Contact details on all featured companies and technologies – enabling you to source suppliers, partners and customers