The Holo-pack.Holo-print Industry Study & Market Report

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The definitive source of data and analysis on the global hologram industry, hologram markets and future development

The Holo-pack•Holo-print Industry Study & Market Report 2007-2011 is published by Reconnaissance, which has produced three similar reports over the past 13 years, all acknowledged for their accuracy in predicting the market for holography.

The fourth edition provides a complete review and breakdown of all the major industry developments past, present and expected – giving you in-depth forecasts for the next five years.

As a benchmark for the industry, it is based on detailed quantitative field data, backed up by authoritative analysis from Reconnaissance, and gives you the detailed and accurate information you need to guide your planning and investment strategies for the future.



  • Three volumes (Global Markets/Industry Overview, Regional Markets, Company Profiles)
  • Comprehensive information on historical development and geography, as well as size and value by sales and company capitalisation
  • Sector analyses with information on sales, growth, prices, costs, threats and trends covering document security, brand protection, packaging, promotional and retail markets, plus materials and equipment
  • Analysis of hologram production equipment
  • Geographic breakdown by value, sales and sectors covering the development of the industry in all the major regions
  • Company profiles providing trends, values and projections for all the major manufactures around the world

How You Will Benefit

Your only global source of industry analysis on a market sector, product and regional basis – this report will allow you to forward plan and develop business, sales and product development strategies

The detailed trends and forecasts predicting the future direction of the industry will give you the tools to invest in people, equipment and facilities with confidence

Key market sector and regional analyses will help you to identify potential customers and business opportunities

The review of the major products and services with comparative industry pricing will enable you to target your sales and promotional campaigns

Comprehensive company profiles will provide you with vital information on both competitors and potential partners


Who Should Read It?

  • Hologram design, origination and mastering companies
  • Manufacturers of hologram origination, production and finishing equipment
  • Suppliers of raw materials and related technologies
  • Hologram manufacturers
  • Packaging, labelling and print converters
  • Investors, analysts and consultants

Reconnaissance has unrivaled depth and breadth of knowledge of the hologram industry. As such, it is the best organisation to deliver such an authoritative view of future trends and developments worldwide.

Nowhere else can you get such a detailed review and analysis of the billion dollar holographic industry. And nowhere else than the Holo-pack•Holo-print Industry Study & Market Report can you get a set of industry projections from a research team with such a pedigree for successfully predicting the future direction of the industry.




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