Presenting strategies and solutions for printing banknotes, passports and identity documents across Asia, the Middle East and Africa

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Central Bank of Kenya


Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran

Sustained Excellence in Banknote Production

Mandyam Narasimha

Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran (India)

Tuesday 08 December 12:50


Advanced Technologies for New Generation Banknotes

Evgeny Veselov

Goznak (Russia)

Tuesday 08 December 15:20


Innovations in Printing for Next Generation Travel Documents

Fadi Saadallah

KBA-NotaSys (Switzerland)

Tuesday 08 December 12:50


Trends in Passport Issuance and Integrated Security Features

Gautam Paul

IAI Industrial Systems (Netherlands)

Tuesday 08 December 14:30

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This presentation will discuss the following topics:

  • Types of passports being issued around the world today.
  • What is the growing trend – paper vs polycarbonate.
  • Central vs Decentral issuance and desktop vs high volume issuance equipment.
  • Available security features in passports today: overt & covert.
  • How to determine if your perso machine has all the features to make your investment future proof.

Efforts to Enhance Identifiability of Bank of Japan Notes

Kanako Sasamoto

National Printing Bureau (Japan)

Tuesday 08 December 12:00

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Universal design has today become a necessary consideration for banknotes. Against this background, related efforts are being made around the world, including work to enhance the identifiability of different denominations.

The need for products based on the concept of universal design has also increased rapidly in Japan in recent years. This situation is partly triggered by the fact that Japan has one of the world’s longest life expectancies with one of its most rapidly aging populations (World Health Organization), and the number of visually impaired people is expected to increase further in the future.

Against such a background, this paper describes the National Printing Bureau’s various efforts to enhance the identifiability of Bank of Japan notes by visually impaired people. These include improvements to the transparent hologram layer of Series-E 5,000 yen notes and the development of an iPhone banknote identification app called U-Qui-Ch-kun.


The New Indonesian E-Passport

Sari Puspitaningrum

Perum Peruri (Indonesia)

Tuesday 08 December 10:05

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This paper describes  the creative works of Perum Peruri’s designers in order to assign to our passport, the promotion of Indonesian natural resources, its flora, fauna and touristic areas apart from completing its security features to meet the International ICAO standard of quality

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