The 13th High Security Printing Asia conference took place in Manila, The Philippines between 19-21 January 2015.

The event brought together 250 delegates from 125 organisations to learn from leaders in the industry in a series of illuminating seminars, case studies, policy briefings and technology presentations.


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Organisations attending High Security Printing Asia in Manila included:

  • Advanced Track and Trace France
  • AGFA Graphics NV Belgium
  • Amstar Company, Inc Philippines
  • Andrews & Wykeham Ltd United Kingdom
  • API Holographics United Kingdom
  • APO Production Unit Philippines
  • Appvion Inc USA
  • Arjowiggins Security China
  • Arjowiggins Security France
  • Armed Forces of the Philippines
  • Art-Line Projekt Germany
  • Asian Printing Office, Presidential Communications Philippines
  • Atlantic Zeiser Germany
  • Bank of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea
  • Bank of Thailand Thailand
  • Bayer MaterialScience Germany
  • Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran India
  • Central Bank of Kenya Kenya
  • Central Bank of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
  • Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Philippines
  • Central Bank of the UAE United Arab Emirates
  • Centre for Development of Imaging India
  • Central Bank of Rwanda Rwanda
  • Crane Currency USA
  • De La Rue UK
  • DNP Asia Pacific Singapore
  • Drenth Holland Netherlands
  • Dynapresse Marketing Indonesia
  • Elyctis France
  • Federal Board of Revenue Pakistan
  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise GOZNAK Russia
  • FMC Research Solutions Philippines
  • FNMT (Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre) Spain
  • Giesecke & Devrient Germany
  • Gietz Switzerland
  • Gleitsmann Security Inks Germany
  • Hague Print Limited United Kingdom
  • Hologram Industries France
  • Holtronic Technologies Switzerland
  • Hueck Folien Austria
  • IGT Testing Systems Netherlands
  • IAI Industrial Systems The Netherlands
  • Intellectual Product Protection Thailand
  • Interpol France
  • ISRA Vision Germany
  • Japan-Bangladesh Security Printing & Papers Bangladesh
  • Joh. Enschedé Security Print The Netherlands
  • Jura JSP Austria
  • KBA-NotaSys Switzerland
  • Keesing Reference Systems The Netherlands
  • Komori Corporation Japan
  • Krypten Research & Production Russian Federation
  • Kugler-Womako Germany
  • Landqart Switzerland
  • Leonhard Kurz Germany
  • Lucid Imaging India
  • Luminescence International United Kingdom
  • Maritime Industry Authority Philippines
  • Melzer Maschinenbau Germany
  • Mühlbauer Germany
  • National Printing Bureau Japan
  • National Bureau of Investigations, Questioned Documents Division Philippines
  • National Intelligence Council Philippines
  • Oberthur Fiduciaire France
  • Otto Kunnecke Germany
  • OVD Kinegram Switzerland
  • Pagemark Technology USA
  • Papeteries De Vizille France
  • Papierfabrik Louisenthal Germany
  • Parvis Italy
  • Paul Leibinger Germany
  • PCL Hong Kong
  • Petrel France
  • Philippine National Police Philippines
  • Philippine Economic Zone Authority Philippines
  • PNO Global Banknote & Security Solutions Netherlands
  • PT Pura Barutama Indonesia
  • Raco Trading Phils. Philippines
  • Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan Bhutan
  • Schreiner Group Germany
  • Sectago Germany
  • Secura Monde International United Kingdom
  • Security Printing Hong Kong
  • SICPA Switzerland
  • SISTRADE Portugal
  • South African Bank Note Company South Africa
  • Stan Chem Philippines Philippines
  • State Bank of Vietnam Vietnam
  • State Enterprise Polygraph Combine Ukraine
  • Tone Guide Press Philippines
  • Troy Group United Kingdom
  • Trueb Switzerland
  • UTAL Poland
  • Vacuumatic Maschinen Germany
  • Webmaster United Kingdom
  • Wirth Technologies China
  • ZETOS Swiss Forensic Supply Philippines


The 2014/2015 Programme

Monday 19 January

  • Pre-Conference Seminar

    Disruptive Technologies: Latest Developments in OVDs

  • Pre-Conference Seminar

    The Challenge of ID Checking

Tuesday 20 January

Session OneThe Regional Secure Document Landscape

  • Illuminada T. Sicat, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Philippines)

    Philippine Banknote Security Features- Getting Ahead of the Counterfeiters

  • Fabrizio Di Carlo, Interpol (France)

    Update on Stolen and Lost Travel Documents Database

  • Aftab Baloch, Government of Pakistan

    The Experience: A Glance on Security Printing in Pakistan

Session TwoCurrency Developments

  • Tshewang Nidup, Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan

    Bhutan and the Challenging Cash Cycle

  • Patrice Rullier, Oberthur Cash Protection (France)

    How IBNS Can Help Eradicate Physical Security Threats in ATM, CIT and Retail Activities

  • Jean-Yves Ray, SICPA (Switzerland)

    A New Chapter for SPARK®

Session ThreeTravel and ID Documents

  • X-Infotech

    The Importance of the Production Management System During Document Personalisation

  • Christoph Reithmeier, Mühlbauer (Germany)

    Revolution in Document Personalization Technology

  • Hugues Souparis, Hologram. Industries (France)

    Holographic Securities for Documents - The Road to Revolution

  • Sascha Fuls, OVD Kinegram (Switzerland)

    Innovative Applications of Metallization-on-Demand in Secure Documents

Wednesday 21 January

Session FourDesign and Production

  • Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Philippines)

    Production of Philippine New Generation Currency - Challenges and Outcome

  • Wirth Technologies (China)

    New Developments in Pre-Press for Security Printing

  • Antonio Olmos, Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (Spain)

    Laser-Cutting and Foil Registration Technologies at FNMT's Paper Mill

  • Dieter Seitz, Gietz (Switzerland)

    Deeper Insights into Security Application Technologies

Session FiveQuality Control

  • Salvatore Malaponti, Parvis (Italy)

    ABACO-ME: A Manufacturing Execution System Specific for Banknote Production

  • Gerben van Wijk, KBA-NotaSys (Switzerland)

    Creating True Efficiencies in Banknote Production - Continuous Quality Management

  • Sebastien Perret, South African Banknote Company

    Quality Management Throughout the Banknote Cycle

Session SixTechnology and Innovation

  • Tjaart Wiersum, Crane Currency (USA)

    Micro-Optics for ID

  • Nicolas Normand, Arjowiggins Security (France)

    Latest Developments in Durable Papers

  • Oliver Nickel, Schreiner PrinTrust (Germany)

    it-Secure - The Copy Detection Technology

  • Xavier Borde, Oberthur Fiduciaire (France)

    Securicoat Ultra - A New Concept Offering Security and Protection

  • Richard Perera, Landqart (Switzerland)

    Wanted: Banknotes with Greater Durability

  • Sajan Ambadiyil, Centre for Development of Imaging Technology - C-DIT (India)

    Indian Stamp Paper Authentication Using Chaotic Elements

Thursday 22 January

Post-Conference TourBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ printworks

Thank you to our sponsors and exhibitors

Platinum Sponsor

  • Hologram. Industries

Gold Sponsor

  • Arjowiggins Security
  • Gleitsmann Security Inks
  • KBA-NotaSys
  • Komori Corporation
  • Oberthur Fiduciaire
  • OVD Kinegram


  • Gietz AG
  • Hueck Folien


  • Advanced Track and Trace
  • AGFA Graphics
  • Andrews & Wykeham
  • Atlantic Zeiser
  • Drenth Holland
  • Elyctis
  • IAI industrial systems
  • IGT
  • Jura Group
  • Keesing Technologies
  • Kugler-Womako
  • Landqart
  • Leibinger
  • Luminescence International
  • Melzer
  • Mühlbauer Group
  • Otto Kunnecke
  • Pagemark
  • Papeteries De Vizille
  • PARVIS Systems and Services
  • Petrel
  • Schreiner PrinTrust
  • Troy Group
  • Trüb
  • UTAL
  • Wirth Technologies
  • ZETOS Swiss Forensic Supply Philippines