The 15th High Security Printing Asia conference took place in the beautiful city of Singapore in December 2016.

The event brought together 282 delegates from 133 organisations to learn from leaders in the industry in a series of illuminating seminars, case studies, policy briefings and technology presentations.

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See who attended the 2016 conference

  • 3H Company (Taiwan)
  • ACTILOR (Hong Kong)
  • Agfa Graphics (Belgium)
  • AGIS Consulting (France)
  • Andrews & Wykeham (UK)
  • APO Production Unit (Philippines)
  • Arjo Systems (France)
  • Arjowiggins Security (France)
  • Atlantic Zeiser (Germany)
  • Australian Department of Foreign Affairs And Trade
  • Australian Passport Office
  • AVDSolutions (Netherlands)
  • Bangladesh Election Commission
  • Bangladesh Tariff Commission
  • Bank Indonesia
  • Bank of Japan
  • Bank of Thailand
  • Banque Centrale de la République de Guinée (Guinea)
  • Beijing Kesiyuan Technology (China)
  • Beijing Sino-Mv Technologies (China)
  • BRBNMPL (India)
  • Bundesdruckerei (Germany)
  • Cattaneo Meccanica (Italy)
  • CBPM-Kexin (China)
  • Central Bank of Iraq
  • Central Bank of Mongolia
  • Central Bank of Oman
  • Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  • Crane Currency (USA)
  • Crane Payment Innovations (USA)
  • Currency Research (Malaysia)
  • Dai Nippon Printing (Japan)
  • das-Nano (Spain)
  • Dataform Media (Austria)
  • De La Rue (UK)
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (Germany)
  • DNP Asia Pacific (Singapore)
  • Entrust Datacard (Singapore)
  • Evolis Asia (Singapore)
  • Farnbeck Limited (UK)
  • Federal Board of Revenue (Pakistan)
  • FNMT - RCM (Spain)
  • Gemalto Asia (Singapore)
  • Giesecke & Devrient (Germany)
  • Gietz (Switzerland)
  • Gleitsmann Security Inks (Germany)
  • GOZNAK (Russia)
  • Heinz Ziegenbein (Germany)
  • HID Global (Germany)
  • Hong Kong Police
  • Hueck Folien (Austria)
  • Huizhou Foryou Optical Technology (China)
  • Hunkeler Systeme (Switzerland)
  • IAI Industrial Systems (France)
  • ICIC Singapore (Singapore)
  • Identity Malta Agency
  • IICT (Bangladesh)
  • In-Core Systèmes (France)
  • Independent Consultant (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Infineon Technologies (Germany)
  • Innovia Security (Australia)
  • Integra 8 (Philippines)
  • IQ Structures (Czech Republic)
  • Iris Corporation Berhad (Malaysia)
  • Joh. Enschedé Security Print (Netherlands)
  • Jura JSP (Hungary)
  • KBA-NotaSys (Switzerland)
  • Keesing Technologies (Netherlands)
  • Keit (Bulgaria)
  • Kenya Bureau of Standards
  • Kenya Immigration
  • Komori Corporation (Japan)
  • Krypten Research & Production (Russia)
  • Landqart (Switzerland)
  • Leonhard Kurz (Germany)
  • Luminescence International (UK)
  • Macau SAR Identification Services Bureau
  • MaskTech (Germany)
  • Mediopia Tech Corp. (South Korea)
  • MELZER (Germany)
  • Ministry of Defence (Singapore)
  • Ministry of Finance (Afghanistan)
  • Ministry of Home Affairs (Singapore)
  • Mongolia Information Technology Authority
  • Mühlbauer Group (Malaysia)
  • National ID Management Centre, Ministry of Home Affairs (Nepal)
  • Netherlands Royal Marechaussee
  • Note Printing Australia
  • Oberthur Cash Protection (France)
  • Oberthur Fiduciaire (France)
  • Oberthur Technologies (France)
  • Orell Füssli Security Printing (Switzerland)
  • OVD Kinegram (Switzerland)
  • Parvis (Italy)
  • Paul Leibinger (Germany)
  • PCH Seiler-Anlagentechnik (Austria)
  • Percetakan Keselamatan Nasional Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
  • Perceval (Hong Kong)
  • Perum Peruri (Indonesia)
  • Petrel (France)
  • PNO Global (Netherlands)
  • PolyTeQ (UK)
  • PPG Malaysia (Malaysia)
  • PWPW (Poland)
  • Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Royal Malaysia Police
  • Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan
  • Schepers (Germany)
  • Schoen + Sandt Machinery (Germany)
  • Sectago (Germany)
  • Secura Monde International (UK)
  • Security Identification Union (China)
  • Security Papers Europe (UK)
  • SICPA (Switzerland)
  • Smart Packaging Solutions (France)
  • SMARTRAC Technology (Thailand)
  • State Bank of Vietnam
  • SURYS (France)
  • The Royals International (Pakistan)
  • Toppan Printing (Singapore)
  • TROY Group (USA)
  • U-NICA (Hong Kong)
  • US Department of State (USA)
  • U-Sine Security Printing (Taiwan)
  • Water Mark Publishing House (Russia)
  • Zeon Corporation (Japan)

Below are a selection of images from the event

The 2016 Programme

Monday 5 December

Pre-Conference SeminarDurable Banknotes: Make a Counterfeiter’s Day!

Pre-Conference SeminarHow do We Authenticate ID Documents at First-Line Inspection – the Basics of Document Checking

Tuesday 6 December

Session OneHigh Security Documents in Asia-Pacific – A Regional Perspective

  • Gerben van Wijk, International Currency Association

    The Core of Cash - Choice and Inclusion for All

  • James Holloway, Reserve Bank of Australia (Australia)

    Australia's New $5: from Concept to Circulation

  • Dinesh Bhattarai, National ID Management Centre, Ministry of Home Affairs (Nepal)

    Delivering Quality Services to All Citizens through National ID Card – Nepal’s National eID Programme

Session Two - CurrencyChallenges and Triumphs of Issuing New Banknotes

  • Uyen Thi To Nguyen, State Bank of Vietnam

    Celebrating History and Technological Achievement through a Commemorative Note – Vietnam’s 100 Dong

  • Aleksei Faleev, Independent Consultant (Kyrgyzstan)

    Selecting Public Features for New Banknote Family – A Central Bank’s Perspective

  • Martin Arkwright, Secura Monde International (UK)

    Trends in Design and Security Features for Currency

  • Eduardo Azanza, das-Nano (Spain)

    Cutting Edge Technologies for an Ever Lasting Industry

Session Two - ID and Secure DocumentsNew Initiatives in National eID and ePassport Programmes

  • Md. Elias Bhuiya, Bangladesh Election Commission

    Enhancing Access to Government Services – Bangladesh’s National eID Card Project

  • Chris Ng, Macau SAR Identification Services Bureau

    Creating Ultimate Security and Convenience for Citizens - Macau SAR Resident Identity Card Programme

  • Turialai Wafa, IRIS Corporation (Malaysia)

    Senegal eID: Enabling Fair Election Through Secure Identification

  • Michael Dalumpines, Department of Foreign Affairs & APO Production Unit (Philippines)

    The New Philippines ePassport Journey

Session Three - CurrencyThe Evolving Landscape in Banknote Security

  • Johannes Schaede, KBA NotaSys (Switzerland)

    Magnifying the Microscopic, A New Approach to Security Features

  • Sun Xianlin, Beijing Kesiyuan Technology (China)

    Innovation in Security Fibers

  • Olga Andronova, Goznak (Russia)

    Optically Variable Features Based on Traditional Technologies

  • Xavier Borde, Oberthur Fiduciaire (France)

    Avalon – The Next Step in Fluorescence

  • Martina Steinhauser, KURZ (Germany)

    A Competitive Edge Against Counterfeiting

Session Three - ID and Secure DocumentsNext Generation Features for Today’s Identity Documents

  • Kelvin Lim, Imprimerie Nationale (France)

    IN Nautilus™ - A New Passport Hinge Technology for Polycarbonate Datapage

  • Vincent Gourmelen, Arjo Systems (France)

    Windows in Polycarbonate Documents - Futile or Not?

  • Robert Dvorak, IQ Structures (Czech Republic)

    A New Approach Combining Overt and Covert Optical Protection for Polycarbonate Documents

  • Agata Wojciechowska, Polish Security Printing Works (Poland)

    Polycarbonate Document Personalisation Ensuring Security

  • Xavier Declerck, Oberthur Technologies (France)

    LASINK™ – Secure Colour Personalisation for Polycarbonate Documents

Wednesday 7 December

Session Four - CurrencyFrom Paper to Finished Notes – Production and Quality Control

  • Barna Barabas, Jura (Hungary)

    Advantages of Direct Digital Intaglio Plate-Making

  • Phil Holland, Komori Currency Technology (Japan)

    Combining Processes and Technologies – the Way Forward in Banknote Printing

  • Nathon Liu, Sino-Mv Technologies Group (China)

    Quality Management of Security Printing Process Using Machine Vision

  • Michele Popovic, In-Core Systemes (France)

    Innovative Automatic Banknote Batch Qualification; Development Done in Collaboration with Banque de France

Session Four - ID and Secure DocumentsID Documents in Practice – Authentication and Border Control

  • Christophe Dumusois, SICPA (Switzerland)

    Authentication through User-Focused Designs: The Case of an Innovative Printed Optical Feature

  • Patricia Moss, Australian Passport Office, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

    Considering Fraud Methodologies in the Design of Australian Passports

  • Hans de Moel, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

    Limitations of Document Inspection Systems

  • Alex van Duuren, AVD Solutions (Netherlands)

    eGates Versus Manual ID Document Authentication and Biometric Verification

Session Five - CurrencyTowards Longevity and Integrity in Cash

  • Tianyi Chen, CBPM-KEXIN (China)

    Ensuring Banknote Integrity through Effective Management of the People Factor in Printing Process

  • John Lucas, SICPA (Switzerland)

    Central Banks Set the Stage for Banknote Durability and Security

  • Holger Krumm, PolyTeq Services, Innovia (Australia)

    Guardian® Banknote Substrate: An Open Platform

  • Karl-Heinz Strasser, Giesecke & Devrient (Germany)

    Security Features – Integration of Machine Readable Concepts

Session Five - ID and Secure DocumentsNew Dimensions in Secure Citizen Identity

  • Mitchell DeYoung, SMARTRAC (Thailand)

    How to Digitise Vital Records on the Blockchain

  • Allan Malcolm, HID Global (Malaysia)

    The Intersection of Secure Physical IDs and Mobile IDs – Empowering Citizens as Never Before

  • Alexandre Benjamin, SURYS (France)

    Innovation in Embedding for Polycarbonate Documents

  • Sascha Fuls, OVD Kinegram (Switzerland)

    Document Verification on a New Level: Combining the Physical and Digital Worlds

Session Six - CurrencyThe Now and the Future of Cash in Use

  • Tom Buitelaar, PNO Global (Netherlands)

    Snowfish – A New Tool to Optimise the Used Note Sorting Process

  • Olivier Rives-Georges, Oberthur Cash Protection (France)

    Ink Staining Protection against ATM Attacks: The International Benchmark and the Malaysian Experience

  • Guillaume Lepecq, AGIS Consulting (France)

    The Future of Cash - an Asia Perspective

Session Six - ID and Secure DocumentsBeyond Identity – Developments in Secure Documents

  • Aftab Baloch, Pakistan Federal Board of Revenue

    High Security Printed Documents in Pakistan

  • Nick Cooper, International Tax Stamp Association (UK)

    New Solutions for Tax Stamps – Security and Traceability

  • Georgi Zelew, KEIT (Bulgaria)

    New Approaches to Document Security

Session SevenTechnology and Innovation for Next Generation Security

  • Stephan Bruening, Schepers (Germany)

    High Precision Processing System for Intaglio Plates Based on Laser Technology

  • Antonio Olmos, FNMT (Spain)

    Nanotechnology in Security Paper

  • Frank Seils, Sectago (Germany)

    AgilLite: A Novel Security Feature for High Security Documents

Many thanks to our 2016 Sponsors and Exhibitors

Many thanks to the following sponsors and exhibitors for taking part in our wonderful exhibition running alongside the conference:

  • Platinum – Oberthur Fiduciaire
  • Gold – CBPM-KEXIN,Gemalto, Hueck Folien, KBA-NotaSys, Komori Corporation, OVD Kinegram, PNO Global, SICPA
  • Silver – Gietz, Goznak, Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW), Sino MV
  • Exhibitors – ACTILOR, AGFA Graphics, Atlantic Zeiser, Beijing Kesiyuan Technology, das-Nano, Evolis, Heinz Ziegenbein, Imprimerie Nationale / SPS, In-Core Systèmes, International Tax Stamp Association, IQ Structures, Jura JSP, KEIT, Landqart, Leibinger, Luminescence International, Melzer, PARVIS, PCH – Seiler Systems Engineering, Petrel, Security Papers Europe, SURYS, TROY Group