Programme 2017

Monday 04 December

Pre Conference Seminars

Our pre conference seminars enable you to gain an in-depth understanding of a topical issue.

Run by a leader in their field, these seminars provide best practice advice and case study examples to enhance your professional knowledge.

Currency: Made in Australia: Next Generation Banknotes from Concept to Circulation

Developing a new series of banknotes today involves more stakeholders, more choice, more processes, more challenges and risks and consequently more complexity than ever before. Besides the central bank, the printer and technology suppliers the creation of the new notes involves a number of key users of banknotes including banknote processing equipment manufacturers, retail organisations, financial institutions and the vision-impaired community.

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ID: Combating Document Fraud and Counterfeiting – A Practitioner’s Perspective

Using real-life cases, this workshop will offer a practical overview of the various methods used for altering, tampering with and counterfeiting of passports and ID documents. It will look at commercially available products that can be used in counterfeits, and how these products can deceive both professional and layman into believing the item is genuine.

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Currency - Level 2 Features – See Your Banknotes Like a Machine

Robert Morrow, Crane Payment Innovations (USA)

When designing anything to be “Fit for Purpose”, it is important to know how it will be used.  Banknotes have the unique challenge of meeting the requirements from the person on the street to unattended payment systems to central bank and forensic examination. Public features can be guided by studies and forensic features by scientists and law enforcement.

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ID - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Chip in ePassports but Were Afraid to Ask

Hans de Moel, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, Ministry of Defence

The biometric passport, commonly referred to as the ePassport, is believed to offer a multitude of benefits for facilitating the passage of travellers and securing both the document and the data contained in it. With the chip typically integrating the same biographical and biometric information that is printed on the datapage, ePassports are considered to be a major advance in travel and identity documents in the last two decades

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Central Bank Seminar

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Welcome Cocktail Reception (evening)

Day 2 and 3

These two days are dedicated to general sessions with presentations from various international presenters. See the themes below.

Currency and Identity Documents in Asia-Pacific

Welcome address and the Australian Cash Cycle

Lindsey Boulton

Reserve Bank of Australia (Australia)

Fijian $7 Note – Celebrating National Achievements Through Banknotes

Susan Kumar; Jonathan Garside

Reserve Bank of Fiji; Oberthur Fiduciaire (Fiji; France)

Nepal’s National eID Card Programme – Latest Advances

National ID Management Centre, Ministry of Home Affairs

National ID Management Centre, Ministry of Home Affairs (Nepal)

Recent Developments in National eID and eGovernment in Asia-Pacific

ABI Research

ABI Research (USA)

The Future of Cash - an Asia Perspective

Guillaume Lepecq

AGIS Consulting (France)

Currency Developments

Issuing a New Series – A Central Bank’s Perspective

Bank Negara Malaysia

Bank Negara Malaysia (Malaysia)

Indonesia’s New Banknote Family

Bank Indonesia

Bank Indonesia (Indonesia)

From Design to Circulation: Tonga’s New Pa’anga Series

National Reserve Bank of Tonga

National Reserve Bank of Tonga (Tonga)

Developments in National eID and ePassports

India’s Aadhaar Programme - Ensuring Financial Inclusion and Social Protection

Unique Identity Authority of India

Unique Identity Authority of India (India)

The Evolution of Philippine Travel Documents

Ricarte Abejuella

Department of Foreign Affairs (Philippines)

Why ICAO 9303 Standards Move into Government ID Documents Worldwide?


Infineon (Germany)

Currency Features and Substrates

Efficient Security - A New Generation of Security Features for the Future

Ueli Tschupp-Lambert

KBA NotaSys (Switzerland)

The Evidence of Polymer Note Performance

CCL Secure

CCL Secure (Australia)

A New Concept of Long Life Banknotes


Goznak (Russia)

Breakthroughs in Banknote Security

Bart Bosma

Kurz (Germany)

Features for Travel and ID Documents

Enabling Physical & Digital Security at Personalisation for Government ID Programmes

Henry Leung

Entrust Datacard (USA)

Passport Security: A Revolution on the Third Page


Surys (France)

New Optical Features for Protection of Polycarbonate Documents

Robert Dvorak

IQ Structures (Czech Republic)

The Benefits of Composite Cards

Pierre Scaglia

PPG Industries (USA)

Production, Print and Distribution

Currency on Demand – What it Means for Central Banks and the Banknote Printer

Phil Holland

Komori (Japan)

Security, Quality, Connectivity – It’s All About 100%

Reinhard Hofer

G+D Currency Technology (Germany)

Ensuring Printing Quality by Adding Pre-Printing Safety Net to Production Management



Secure and Automated Bank Note Destruction

Erich Hodel

Hunkeler Systeme (Switzerland)

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Bank note printing, production and verification is challenging — waste often includes misprints, defective bank notes, edge strips and other artifacts and imperfections. For the fastidious production of perfect notes, the accumulated waste needs to be professionally disposed. The requirements for a fully automatic disposal system are many-sided: first of all, to fulfill all safety aspects without interference in the production process and secondly to lower the labor intervention within the destruction process.

As the volume and complexity of secure documents increases, central and national banks and security printers are using automated software controlled sorting, shredding and waste disposal systems from companies such as Switzerland based Hunkeler Systeme.

Authentication and Anti-Counterfeiting - Identity

Damaged Passports – The Truth Behind the Cause

Annalise Wrzeczycki

Australian Passport Office (Australia)

Enhancing Security at Automated Border Controls

Stephan Pratt

OVD Kinegram (Switzerland)

IDenCert – Secure Solution for Instant Authentication and Verification of Certificates

IRIS Corporation

IRIS Corporation (Malaysia)

Security Anti-Counterfeiting and Authentication - Currency

Deterrence of Counterfeit Currency in the Philippines

Jo-Anne Ballacillo

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Philippines)

Currency Counterfeiting in Vietnam

State Bank of Vietnam

State Bank of Vietnam (Vietnam)

Advanced Ink Technologies Reinforce Banknote Automation Security


SICPA (Switzerland)

Eliminating All Internal Cash Losses

David Milner

Spinnaker International (UK)

Breeder Documents, Mobile IDs and eGovernment

Pakistan’s Initiative Towards Reforming Government Documents

Aftab Baloch

Federal Revenue Board (Pakistan)

Australia’s Digital Identity Programme

Digital Transformation Agency

Digital Transformation Agency (Australia)

Digital Identity in the Banking and the High Security Printing Industry

Eduardo Azanza

Das Nano (Spain)

Educational Certificates and Electronic Document Validation

Mike Wheble

Hague Print (Australia)

Farewell Drinks Reception

Thursday 07 December

Post-Conference Tour

CCL Secure and Innovia Films (morning)

Note Printing Australia (afternoon)

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Friday 08 December

Post-Conference Tour

Royal Australian Mint

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