Over 250 delegates from more than 42 countries attended the recent High Security Printing EMEA conference held in Baku to learn from leaders in the industry in a series of illuminating seminars, case studies, policy briefings and technology presentations.

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Conference Review

The conference opened with two workshops. Following the dual-programme theme these workshops focussed on similar themes. The first explored the myriad of options facing central banks when choosing a new banknote substrate. The benefits and disadvantages of polymer, paper and hybrids were discussed, as well as the pre- and post-print varnish options, culminating in an industry overview of the current durable substrates available.

This was followed by an illuminating session from Hans de Moel from the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. Taking the chip in the ePassport back to basics, he covered the different chip types available and the protocols governing their use, before busting some common myths about the ePassport chip. Finally, he offered delegates some practical advice when it comes to implementing individual inspection systems.

The main conference opened on Tuesday morning, with a welcome address from Akshin Valiyev of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, who followed this with a comprehensive overview of the cash cycle and cashless payment ecosystem in the country. He was joined by Vugar Zeynalov of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who presented a case study on the implementation of Azerbaijan’s ePassports.

Other case studies were heard from around the region, as well as updates from various suppliers on new technologies. Following the close of the sessions on Tuesday, delegates were invited to the exhibition to greet 36 exhibitors showcasing their products for the industry. This allowed delegates to get hands-on with the technology discussed during the sessions, including KURZ’s new product, KINEGRAM COSMIC.

An enjoyable evening followed as delegates were taken to the Art Garden in Baku’s famous Old City. This restored caravanserai was the venue for an evening of entertainment and local cuisine, as well as the presentation of the Best Regional Banknote and ID Document awards. The best banknote award went to the National Bank of Poland, for their new 500 zloty note. There was also a special achievement award made to the Central Bank of Oman for the commemorative one rial note. On the ID side, the Finnish National eID and ePassport scooped the top prize for regional ID document, and the special achievement award was presented to the Service of Technological Security of State Documents under the Ministry of Finance, Lithuania, for their new driving license.

Wednesday saw sessions covering document fraud and anti-counterfeiting, the production and print of currency, cash processing and management and the burgeoning industry of mobile ID and eServices. Finally, all delegates came back together for the final session and the close of the conference.

The feedback from the event has been overwhelmingly positive, and the location was highly praised as being the perfect mix of east and west. We are already looking to the future and planning next year’s event in Vienna, Austria – and we hope to see you there!


The organisations that joined us in Baku

  • ACTILOR Management (Switzerland)
  • Agfa Graphics (Belgium)
  • Al Madina Development (Oman)
  • Andrews & Wykeham (UK)
  • ANY Security Printing (Hungary)
  • Art-Line Projekt (Germany)
  • Atlantic Zeiser (Germany)
  • ATM Industry Association (UK)
  • Austrian State Printing House
  • BEST Solutions (Azerbaijan)
  • Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran (India)
  • Border Police Department (Moldova)
  • BW Papersystems (Germany)
  • Bank of Korea (South Korea)
  • Canadian Bank Note Company
  • Center-Inform (Russia)
  • Central Bank of Albania
  • Central Bank of Azerbaijan
  • Central Bank of Iraq
  • Central Bank of Lebanon
  • Central Bank of Oman
  • Central Bank of the Russian Federation
  • Central Bank of Turkey
  • Centro Grafico (Italy)
  • Crane Currency (Sweden)
  • CryptoTech (Belarus)
  • Currency Research (South Africa)
  • Datavault (Netherlands)
  • De La Rue (UK)
  • Dekart (Moldova)
  • European Border & Coast Guard Agency (FRONTEX)
  • European Central Bank
  • EUROPOL (Netherlands)
  • Eurosmart (Belgium)
  • Federal Office of Police (Switzerland)
  • FNMT-RCM (Spain)
  • FPY Ltd (Russia)
  • Gemalto (Switzerland)
  • GGTEK Advanced Security Technologies (Turkey)
  • Giesecke & Devrient (Germany)
  • Goznak (Russia)
  • HID Global (Germany)
  • HoloGrate (Russia)
  • Hueck Folien (Austria)
  • Hungarian Banknote Printing Company (Hungary)
  • ID Partners (France)
  • IdomSoft (Hungary)
  • Idrak Technology Transfer (Azerbaijan)
  • Immigration & Customs Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security (USA)
  • INCERT GIE (Luxembourg)
  • Infineon Technologies (Turkey)
  • Infocom (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Intace (France)
  • InterCrim Press (Russia)
  • IQ Structures (Czech Republic)
  • Jura (Austria)
  • KBA-NotaSys (Switzerland)
  • Keesing Technologies (Netherlands)
  • Kusters Engineering CIS (Russia)
  • Landqart (Switzerland)
  • Leonhard Kurz (Germany)
  • M.ONE AG (Switzerland)
  • Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Hungary)
  • MaskTech (Germany)
  • MELZER (Germany)
  • Miba Coating Group (Germany)
  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Russia)
  • Ministry of Finance (Azerbaijan)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Russia)
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs (Azerbaijan)
  • Ministry of Taxes (Azerbaijan)
  • Ministry of the Interior (Austria)
  • Muehlbauer (Germany)
  • National Bank of Moldova
  • National Bank of Poland
  • National Bank of Slovakia
  • National Banknote Factory of Kazakhstan
  • Nepal Rastra Bank
  • Oberthur Cash Protection (France)
  • Oberthur Fiduciaire (UK)
  • Oberthur Technologies (France)
  • Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (Latvia)
  • Orell Füssli (Switzerland)
  • Otto Künnecke (Germany)
  • OVD Kinegram (Switzerland)
  • Parvis (Italy)
  • PASABAN (Spain)
  • Paul Leibinger (Germany)
  • PAV Card (Germany)
  • PEC (Hungary)
  • PolyTeQ (UK)
  • Population & Immigration Authority (Israel)
  • PWPW (Poland)
  • RDW (Netherlands)
  • Royal Netherlands Marechaussee
  • Safran Morpho (Netherlands)
  • Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority
  • Schmid Rhyner (Switzerland)
  • Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey
  • Security Paper Mill (Czech Republic)
  • Security Printing Press of Oman
  • Service of Technological Security of State Documents under the Ministry of Finance (Lithuania)
  • SICPA (Switzerland)
  • SISTRADE (Portugal)
  • Smart Packaging Solutions (France)
  • SPG Prints (Netherlands)
  • State Bank of Pakistan
  • SURYS (France)
  • Teslin Substrate from PPG Industries (France)
  • The Bank of Korea (South Korea)
  • The Royal Mint (UK)
  • TROY Group (USA)
  • Trüb Trading (Switzerland)
  • Veridos (Germany)
  • WaterMark (Russia)
  • Witte Holding (Germany)
  • WTG (Austria)
  • X InfoTech (Latvia)
  • X-Celeprint (Ireland)
  • YAM International (Russia)

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The 2017 Programme

Monday 27 March

Pre-Conference SeminarsRun by leaders in their field, these seminars provide best practice advice and case study examples to enhance your professional knowledge.

  • Durable Substrates for Banknotes – Practical Considerations


  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know about the Chip in the ePassport but Were Afraid to Ask

    Hans de Moel, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

Tuesday 28 March

Session OneCurrency and Identity Documents in EMEA

  • The Cash Cycle in Azerbaijan

    Akshin Valiyev, Central Bank of Azerbaijan

  • Cash Management and Payments Landscape in Turkey

    Banu Zeybek, Central Bank of Turkey

  • Implementation of New Generation ePassports in Azerbaijan

    Vugar Zeynalov, Ministry of Internal Affairs (Azerbaijan)

  • Identification Systems – The Experience of Russian State Authorities

    Yury Volodin, GOZNAK (Russia)

Session TwoCurrency Developments

  • Confidence and Security – The New Saudi Arabian Riyal Series

    Walid Al Sayal, Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority

  • Innovative Design of the New 500 Zloty Note

    Katarzyna Koczyk, National Bank of Poland

  • Issuance of Hungarian Forint Banknote Series Upgrade: Key Conclusions from Central Bank’s Perspective

    Aniko-Bodi Schubert, Central Bank of Hungary

  • The Approach of the Bank of Russia to Modernising Banknotes

    Tatyana Aleksandrova, Bank of Russia

Session TwoDevelopments in National eID and ePassports

  • Celebrating Finland’s 100th Anniversary – Finland’s New eID Card and ePassport

    Urs Fawer, Gemalto (France)

  • Republic of Turkey National eID Card Programme – Recent Advances

    Oktay Adalier, Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey

  • Key to The Electronic Service Space – The Hungarian eID Solution

    Agnes Kubinger, IdomSoft (Hungary)

  • Synergies between ePassports and eID Cards

    Detlef Houdeau, Eurosmart (Belgium)

Session ThreeCurrency Features

  • It's All about Security: Experience from High Risk Markets and Next Generation Solutions

    Andrew Bonnell, Innovia Security (Australia)

  • Magnifying the Microscopic – A New Approach to Security Features

    Gerben van Wijk, KBA-NotaSys (Switzerland)

  • Giving the Public the Tools for Authentication: Intuitive and Durable Security Features

    Tomasz Chlebicki, SICPA (Switzerland)

  • Upgrading Banknotes with Advanced Foil Security Features

    Ian Smith, Leonhard Kurz (Germany)

  • Design Embedded Optical Security Features for Banknotes

    Juergen Zerbes, Giesecke & Devrient (Germany)

Session ThreeFeatures for Travel and ID Documents

  • Travel Documents of the XXI Century

    Paulina Wojciechowska, PWPW (Poland)

  • ABSOLUT-ID – The Game-Changing Personalisation Solution for Integrated Production of ID Cards

    Peter Cantraine, AGFA (Belgium)

  • Twofold ID Security Features

    Janos Friss, Jura (Hungary)

  • Overt and Covert Protection for Polycarbonate Documents

    Robert Dvorak, IQ Structures (Czech Republic)

  • The Exponential Power of Combining Innovative Technologies: Ways to increase the Security of Your ID Card?

    Nikola Stoimenovski, HID Global (USA/Germany)

Wednesday 29 March

Session FourProduction and Print

  • New Coating Solutions for Printing Plates as a Substitute to Hard Chromium (Cr 6) Plating Process

    Romain Waidelich, Miba Coating Group (Germany)

  • Quality Control – a Different Approach to Single Note Inspection

    Sid Keyte, Cash Processing Solutions (UK)

  • Synchronise Your Printing Works Now and be Ready for the Future

    Paolo Salgari, Parvis (Italy)

  • The New Pound Coin

    James Whitburn, The Royal Mint (UK)

Session FourDocument Fraud and Anti-Counterfeiting

  • Vulnerabilities in Travel Documents

    Carolyn Bayer-Broring, Immigration & Customs Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security (USA)

  • Passport Forgeries in Israel: a Case Study of a Series of Forged Kingdom of Lesotho Passports

    Liron Levi, Former Supervisor at Population and Immigration Authority (Israel)

  • Methods of Counterfeiting of Travel and Identity Documents – the Case of Moldova

    Maria Donos, Border Police, Ministry of Internal Affairs (Moldova)

  • Fraudulently Obtained/Issued Documents – National or Worldwide Issue?

    Rui Melro, European Border and Coast Guard Agency (FRONTEX)

Session FiveBanknote Integrity and Longevity

  • A Good Concept of a Security Design

    Barna Barabas, Jura (Hungary)

  • Approaching Perfection: A Case Study of 'Chess' House Note

    Piotr Dymala, PWPW (Poland)

  • Transformation of an Integrated Security Concept Goes Live – The New Swiss Franc

    Sylvain Chosson, Orell Füssli (Switzerland)

  • One Platform, Many Design Options

    Lachlan McDonald, PolyTeQ Print Services (Australia)

Session FiveBreeder Documents and Driving Licences

  • Developing Reliable Breeder Documents – EU’s ORIGINS Project

    Charles de Couessin, ID Partners (France)

  • Securing the Weakest Link in Identity – Next Generation Chipless Documents

    Frank Schmalz, Veridos (Germany)

  • From Design to Issuance: Lithuania’s New Driving Licence

    Leonas Stankevicius, Service of Technological Security of State Documents, Ministry of Finance (Lithuania)

  • Implementation of Electronic Driving Licences in the Netherlands – Driving to the Digital World

    Henk Westerhof, RDW (Netherlands)

Session SixCash Processing and Management

  • The Core of Cash – Choice and Inclusion for All

    Barna Barabas, International Currency Association

  • Current State and Perspectives of Cash in Circulation in Russia

    Alexey Demchenko, InterCrim Press (Russia)

  • Banknote Staining and Crime Prevention – Practical Perspectives

    Patrice Rullier, Oberthur Cash Protection (France)

  • 50 Years of ATMs and What the Future Holds

    Ron Delnevo, ATM Industry Association (UK)

Session SixMobile ID and eServices

  • Azerbaijan Mobile ID - Your Mobile Passport in the Next Generation mGovernment

    Jana Krimpe, BEST Solutions (Azerbaijan)

  • eGovernment and Mobile Identification – Moldova’s Experience and Future Perspectives

    Alexandru Donos, Dekart (Moldova)

  • Hardware Requirements for Next Generation ePass and ID Card Projects

    Matthias Gruenauer, Infineon Technologies (Germany)

  • Verifying the ePassport Certificate's Authenticity – How to Do it?

    Benoit Poletti, INCERT GIE (Luxembourg)

Session SevenTechnology and Innovation

  • Securing Currency, Identity Documents and Valuable Papers Using Colour Volume Holograms on Photopolymer

    Andrey Smirnov, Krypten (Russia)

  • Using the Latest IoT/RFID Technologies for Anti-Counterfeiting

    Jarkko Miettinen, GGTEK Advanced Security Technologies (Turkey)

  • The Russian Marking and Tracing System for Fur Products

    Petr Vikhliantcev, Center-Inform (Russia)

Thank you to our sponsors and exhibitors

Many thanks to the following sponsors and exhibitors for taking part in our wonderful exhibition running alongside the conference:

  • Platinum – PWPW
  • Gold – Gemalto, Innovia Security, KBA-NotaSys, Krypten, Landqart
  • Silver – Centro Grafico, Jura JSP, PARVIS, Oberthur Technologies, SICPA
  • Exhibitors – ACTILOR, Agfa Graphics, Art-Line Projekt, Atlantic Zeiser, GGTEK, Gietz, Kugler-Womako, IQ Structures, Infineon, Imprimerie Nationale / SPS, Leibinger, Masktech, Melzer, Mühlbauer, Otto Künnecke, OVD Kinegram, Pasaban, Safran Identity & Security, SISTRADE, Trüb Trading

Best Banknote and ID Document

High Security Printing EMEA also plays host to two prestigious industry awards, which celebrate outstanding achievement in banknote and ID security. Read about the 2017 winners here.