219 delegates from 125 organisations and 30 countries attended the last conference in 2015.

This conference featured for the first time four dedicated sessions on currency and a further four sessions on ID documents, offering 40 expert presenters in all.

Speaker at HSP Latin America


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The organisations that joined us in Lima

  • ABnote (USA)
  • Advanced Track and Trace (France)
  • Andrews & Wykeham (United Kingdom)
  • Appvion (USA)
  • Arca Technologies (Italy)
  • Arjowiggins Security (France)
  • Atlantic Zeiser (Germany)
  • Authentix (USA)
  • Banco de la Nación Argentina
  • Banco de Guatemala
  • Banco de México
  • Banco Central de la Republica Argentina
  • Banco Central de Reserva del Peru
  • BCV Casa De La Moneda (Venezuela)
  • Brazilian Society of Forensic Sciences
  • British Embassy (Peru)
  • Bundesdruckerei (Germany)
  • Carabineros de Chile
  • Cardteq Global Services (Nigeria)
  • CardUSA Latin America Division (Venezuela)
  • Casa da Moeda do Brasil
  • Casa de Moneda de Chile
  • Central Bank of Barbados
  • Banco Central de Bolivia
  • Banco Central de Chile
  • Banco Central de Honduras
  • Banco Central de la Republica Dominicana
  • Banco Central de Venezuela
  • Chamber of Commerce (Peru)
  • Colegio Criminalistas de Chile
  • Corte Superior de Justica (Peru)
  • Crane AB (USA)
  • Crane Currency (Mexico)
  • Crane Payment Innovations (USA)
  • Cruz Diaz E Hijos (Switzerland)
  • Cuerpo Nacional de Policia (Spain)
  • Currency Research (USA)
  • CUSBOR (Spain)
  • das-Nano (Spain)
  • De La Rue (United Kingdom)
  • Digicheck (Mexico)
  • Drenth Holland (Netherlands)
  • Drewsen Spezialpapiere (Germany)
  • Duarte Vivas & Asociados (Venezuela)
  • Elyctis (France)
  • Embassy of Canada (Peru)
  • Enotria (Peru)
  • Fabriano (Italy)
  • Federal District Civil Police, Questioned Documents Forensic Unit (Brazil)
  • Fedrigoni Brasil Papéis (Brazil)
  • Figurazione (Colombia)
  • FNMT (Spain)
  • Folios Paswag (Peru)
  • Formas Inteligentes (Mexico)
  • Giesecke & Devrient (Germany)
  • Gleitsmann Security Inks (Germany)
  • Graphic Security Systems (USA)
  • Hague Print (United Kingdom)
  • Hologram Industries (France)
  • Honeywell Authentication Technologies (USA)
  • Imaprok (Colombia)
  • Imprimerie Nationale (France)
  • Infineon Technologies (Switzerland)
  • Innovia Security (Australia)
  • Interpol (France)
  • J. Vilaseca (Spain)
  • Joh. Enschedé Security Print (Netherlands)
  • Jura JSP (Austria)
  • KBA-NotaSys (Switzerland)
  • Kodak (Argentina)
  • Komori Corporation (Spain)
  • Kugler-Womako (Germany)
  • Kusters Engineering (Netherlands)
  • Landqart (Switzerland)
  • LenSys (Switzerland)
  • Leonhard Kurz (Germany)
  • Luminescence International (United Kingdom)
  • Luminit Security Microstructure Group (USA)
  • MAF Security Consulting (Dominican Republic)
  • Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores (Peru)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Peru
  • Mint of Finland (Rahapja Oy)
  • Monea (United Kingdom)
  • Mova Printing Solutions (Mexico)
  • Mühlbauer (Germany)
  • National Department of Immigration (Argentina)
  • New ProImage (USA)
  • NXP (USA)
  • Oasys Technologies (United Kingdom)
  • Oberthur Cash Protection (France)
  • Oberthur Fiduciaire (France)
  • Opalux Incorporated (Canada)
  • Opteryx (Austria)
  • OVD Kinegram (Switzerland)
  • Papeteries De Vizille (France)
  • Papierfabrik Louisenthal (Germany)
  • PARVIS Systems and Services (Italy)
  • Paul Leibinger (Germany)
  • Permaquim (Argentina)
  • Policia Nacional del Peru
  • Polish Security Printing Works
  • PolyTeQ Services (Australia)
  • PPG Industries Argentina
  • PPG/Teslin Industries (USA)
  • RENIEC (Peru)
  • Rolland Enterprises (Canada)
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • Salmon Corp (Peru)
  • Schmid Rhyner (Switzerland)
  • Secura Monde International (United Kingdom)
  • Servitex Villena (Bolivia)
  • SICPA (Switzerland)
  • Sociedad del Estado Casa de Moneda Republica Argentina
  • Thomas Greg & Sons de Peru
  • Thomas Greg e Sons de Colombia S.A.
  • Transilwrap Company (USA)
  • Troy Group (USA)
  • Unigraphica (Liechtenstein)
  • US Secret Service (USA)
  • UTAL (Poland)
  • Vacuumatic Maschinen (Germany)
  • VALID (Brazil)
  • Veridos (Germany)


The 2015 Programme

Monday 22 June

Pre-Conference Seminars

  • Engaging the Public with their Banknotes

  • ID Documents in Latin America: Issues, Challenges & Solutions

Tuesday 23 June

Session OneThe Peruvian Regional Document Landscape

  • Ricardo Saavedra, RENIEC (Peru)

    Peru's Electronic National Identity Card

  • Renzo Rossini, General Manager, Reserve Central Bank of Peru

    Welcome Address

  • José Luis Pereyra, Reserve Central Bank of Peru

    The Experience of a Numismatic Series of a Coin in Circulation

Session Two: CurrencyNew Currency Series

  • Katya Daura, Casa de Moneda Argentina

    New Family of Argentine Banknotes

  • Wendy Margarita Mercedes Núñez, Central Bank of Dominican Republic

    Presenting the 6th Family of Banknotes for the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic

  • Alberto Torfer, Bank of Mexico

    The Development of a Complementary Plant for Banknote Printing

  • Harald Klint, Imaprok (Colombia)

    The Technical Specification for a Banknote or Coin Tender - The Central Bank Viewpoint

Session Two: IdentityTravel and ID Documents

  • André de Sales Gonçalves, Federal District Civil Police (Brazil)

    How Criminals Thrive on Obsolescence and Flawed Procedure - The Case of the Brazilian Driver's Licence

  • Paloma Varela, FNMT (Spain)

    New Spanish ID and Passport and their New Security Features

  • Joerg Baumgartl, Veridos (Germany)

    Build Your Own Identity - Revolutionary Technology for Identification Documents

  • Fabrizio DiCarlo, Interpol (Italy)

    INTERPOL's Tools and Efforts in Combating Travel Document Fraud

Session Three: CurrencyFeatures and Components

  • Manfred Heim, Louisenthal (Germany)

    Deep Dive into Registered Feature Technology of Future Banknotes

  • Tim Driscoll, Authentix (USA)

    The Seven Deadly Sins of Security Features

  • Cyril Bonduelle, ArjoWiggins Security (France)

    Security Threads: Latest Developments in Dynamic Optical Features

  • Roland Gianese, SICPA (Switzerland)

    New Developments in Post-Print Varnishing

Session Three: IdentityFeatures and Components

  • Corinne Murcia Giudicelli, Hologram Industries (France)

    Ease of Control for Untrained Eyes: Evolution of DID Technology and its Typical Colour Permutation Optical Effects

  • Luiz Guimarães, Infineon (Germany/Brazil)

    New Developments on ID Documents

  • Sergio Dawidowicz, OVD Kinegram (Switzerland)

    Integration of Security Features, Personalisation Process and Electronic Components in Government Document Design

  • Stefan Barbu, NXP (USA)

    SmartTouch ID Cards

Wednesday 24 June

Session Four: CurrencySubstrate Developments

  • Richard Perera, Landqart (Switzerland)

    Wanted: Banknotes with Greater Durability

  • Xavier Borde, Oberthur Fiduciaire (France)

    Post Print Varnish: Lab Tests versus Life Experience

  • Lachlan McDonald, PolyteQ Services (Australia)

    From Paper to Guardian®: Challenges and Advantages

  • Antonio Olmos, FNMT (Spain)

    Laser-Cutting and Foil Registration Technologies at FNMT's Paper Mill and its Applications to the new 20 Euro Banknote

Session Four: IdentityE-Documents and Authentication

  • Bartlomiej Ploch, PWPW (Poland)

    The Power of Credible & Reliable Identification: New Electronic and Non-Electronic Security Features for Documents

  • Fabrizio Mandingorra, PPG (USA)

    Optimising the Security and Durability of Smart Identity Credentials

  • Francisco Aranda, Commissary General of Documentation of the Document Unit of Spain

    24 Hour National Police Service by the Head of Documentation Division, National Police, Spain

  • Valentín Ramírez Prieto, ID Systems Consultant (Spain)

    Secure Identification in a Mobile World - Infrastructure Trends

Session Five: CurrencyProduction and Circulation

  • Nicolas Mivielle, KBA-NotaSys (Switzerland)

    Banknote Design Methodology

  • Patrice Rullier, Oberthur Cash Protection (France)

    How IBNS Can Help Eradicate Physical Security Threats in All ATM, CIT and Retail Activities

  • Roberto Salgari, Parvis (Italy)

    New Functions for the ABACO Manufacturing Execution System

  • Robert Morrow, Crane Payment Innovations (USA)

    Even Machines Need Specimens

Session Five: IdentitySecure Documents

  • Francis Goossens, Thomas Greg and Sons (Peru)

    Integrated Security Systems...The Interaction of the Physical, Logic and IT Security for Documents

  • Andres Diaz, Figurazione (Colombia)

    Integrated Plan for Tax Control

  • Claudio Pastorino, Folios Paswag (Peru)

    The Return on Investment by Adding Foil

  • Max Astor, AGFA (USA)

    Graphic Design in Security Printing

Session Six: CurrencyCurrency Innovation

  • Ian Smith, Kurz (Germany)

    Turning up the Volume - the Currency State-of-the-Art in Foil Security Components for Banknotes

  • Evgeny Veselov, Goznak (Russia)

    Security Features for New Generation Banknotes

  • Casa de Moneda de Chile

    Creating the 'God Particle' Banknote

Session Six: IdentityNext Generation Security

  • Normand Champagne, Rolland Paper (Canada)

    Security Paper in the Era of Inkjet Printed Documents

  • Zbigniew Sagan, Advanced Track and Trace (France)

    Could Printed Security Codes Challenge Chip-Based Solutions?

  • Cary Quinn, GSSC (USA)

    Synergy of Optical Security Features and Digital Authentication

Session SevenNext Generation Optical Technologies

  • Gustavo Ascenzo, Innovia (Australia)

    Guardian® Polymer Substrate: The Facts

  • Andre Arsenault, Opalux (Canada)

    OpalPrint: Customised, Multi-Application Colour-Shift

  • Michael Blesovsky, Lensys (Switzerland)

    New Features from Lumenco/KBA Joint Venture

Thank you to our sponsors and exhibitors

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  • Thomas Greg & Sons


  • Arjowiggins Security
  • S.E. Casa de Moneda Argentina
  • Figurazione
  • FNMT - RCM
  • Guardian®Vision/Innovia Security
  • KBA NotaSys
  • Louisenthal


  • Casa de Moneda de Chile
  • Enotria
  • Goznak
  • PWPW


  • ABnote
  • Advanced Track & Trace
  • Agfa Graphics
  • Atlantic Zeiser
  • Bundesdruckerei
  • Das Nano
  • Drenth Holland
  • Elyctis
  • Folios Paswag
  • Formas Inteligentes
  • Graphic Security Systems
  • Hologram Industries
  • J Vilaseca
  • Jura Group
  • Kugler-Womako
  • Leibinger
  • Luminescence International
  • Luminit Security Microstructure Group
  • Oasys Technologies
  • Oberthur Fiduciaire
  • OVD Kinegram
  • Papeteries De Vizille
  • PARVIS Systems and Services
  • Salmón Corp
  • Rolland Enterprises
  • SPS / Imprimerie Nationale
  • Troy Group
  • Unigraphica / Schmid Rhyner
  • UTAL