Call for Papers

You are invited to be part of High Security Printing Latin America 2018.

The conference presents strategies and solutions for the production of banknotes, passports and identity documents – with a particular focus on regional issues across Latin America and the Caribbean.

If you would like to present a paper, you are invited to send a 200-word abstract on your topic or case study by 19 January 2018.

Speaker at High Security Printing Latin America


We welcome topical presentations on:

  • Regional developments in document security
  • Currency features and substrates
  • Travel documentation technologies and features
  • Printing and production technologies
  • Anti-counterfeiting, document verification and enforcement
  • New developments in ID cards and breeder documents
  • Fiscal stamps, licences and vehicle registration

This includes substrates, security features, production and integration technologies, verification and market trends specific to currency, fiscal stamps, travel documentation, e-ID and related fields and should introduce new processes or technologies, or discuss current issues surrounding these fields.

As this is a regional conference, priority will be given to speakers from countries in Latin America as well as presentations that demonstrate the development and deployment of such features and technologies in these countries.

The conference also has a specific focus on innovation and emerging technologies – so proposals for presentations on new technologies with the potential to enhance the production and protection of security documents will be particularly welcome.

Overt commercial presentations will not be considered.

How to Submit Your Abstract

Complete the form below to send us your abstract. The deadline for submissions is 19 January 2018.

If you prefer, you can email Pamela Alba (Conference Director) at [email protected]


Submission Form

  • Accepted file types: doc, dot, docx, dotx, docb, pdf, pub, txt, rtf, gdoc, odf, odt.
    Please send us your 200-word abstract as a Word document, pdf or similar. Alternatively, use the space below to copy your abstract.