05–07 DECEMBER 2016


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Creating Ultimate Security and Convenience for Citizens - Macau SAR Resident Identity Card Programme

Chris Ng Thursday 08 September 11:50

Macau SAR Identification Services Bureau

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The Macao SAR Resident Identity Card has experienced two changes.  The first change in 2002 is from paper-based identity card to contact-based electronic identity card . The second change in 2013 is from contact-based electronic identity card to contactless electronic identity card.

This presentation will introduce the security of Macao SAR Resident Identity Card in various aspects including application enrollment process, card material, protection of chip information. Besides, it will cover different convenient services that Macao citizens can use at self-service kiosks or with their mobile devices with the use of their electronic Macao SAR Resident Identity Card.


Innovation in Embedding for Polycarbonate Documents

Alexandre Benjamin Thursday 08 September 12:00

SURYS (France)

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Since more than a decade, more and more ID documents are made in polycarbonate. While the laser engraving of the data inside the plastic makes this type of document very durable, the expected resistance to falsification has not been matched.

Therefore, the vast majority of the polycarbonate ID documents includes an “embed” transparent holographic or DID™ patch to protect the photo from manipulation. This patch is generally applied by hot-stamping in one of the plastic layers. This “alien” material creates a physical weakness in the document and therefore refrain the use of such protection on the whole surface of the document.

A new technology, called Shape™ is now available to “spread” optical image elements on the whole surface of the document while maintaining a perfect bounding between the plastic layers. This new technology enhances the visual contrast between the optical elements and the printed elements, allows the use of several optical effects, driving to a complete new enriched design capability for high secure, easy to control ID document.


Considering Fraud Methodologies in the Design of Australian Passports

Patricia Moss Thursday 08 September 09:20

Australian Passport Office, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australia)

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This presentation will explore the relationship between forensic identification of fraud methodologies in travel documents, together with the review and evaluation of security components in the overall design of Australian travel documents.


Delivering Quality Services to All Citizens through National ID Card – Nepal’s National eID Programme

Dinesh Bhattarai Thursday 08 September 10:10

National ID Management Centre, Ministry of Home Affairs (Nepal)

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Nepal is rolling out biometric national identity card programme. The new cards will be used to provide citizens with a secure method of identity verification and to help facilitate the effective delivery of government services. The National Identity System is one of the key programmes identified in the eGovernment Masterplan of Nepal and is seen as a first step in creating an ecosystem of trusted identities which promises to transform the lives of citizens. The presentation will be focused on the general principles and scopes of the National Identity System covering the following aspects:

  • Citizen’s Identity Database Management
  • Service Delivery
  • Planning
  • Law Enforcement
  • Governance
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