Mexico City, Mexico
20–22 JUNE 2016


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Security Integral Solutions – Are We Ready?

Ike Vander Horst

Litho Formas (Mexico)

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In an environment where printed media is in risk of being replaced by electronic solutions, the survival of security companies are everyday more dependent upon their capacity to learn how to develop and sell creative Security Integral Solutions.

There are many and important implications in order to achieve an offer change, which involve changing how the company plans, develops, implements, sell, market, hire personnel, anyway… it involves re-inventing the company. Regrettably, not all transformation cases toward integral solutions have been successful.

During this conference, some success and failure examples will be presented within the region identifying the determining factors that led to these results, in order to better show what a security integral solution really is, how it relates and transforms customer needs, and all the changes that are demanded to a company to be effective at its implementations.

Some recommendations for effective development of integral solutions will be presented, and also a short view of market trends which should keep us vigilant for the creation of new security integral solutions in the near future.


‘Think as a Counterfeiter’

Jorge Ojeda

ABNote (USA)

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This presentation will share the challenges when designing national IDs, driver licences, passports, visa labels and other credentials from the creative point of view.

Why sometimes we should think how the security features can be mimicked and reproduced with manual equipment and other technologies and therefore find alternative solutions to avoid counterfeiting. Also how effective Card Design Engineering can deter fraud.

I will share how organized crime have websites with online non-traceable e-commerce to sell state IDs for the US and also passports, on the web and dark web, public places around the world and others.

I will have a good variety of visuals examples of real and counterfeiter samples in my slide show.

Summary will be:

  • Some short background history of identity
  • Design transition examples
  • ID design challenges
  • Real fraud examples
  • Conclusion

The New Peruvian E-Passport

Peruvian Ministry of Interior

Peruvian Ministry of Interior (Peru)


The Visitor ID Card (Matricula Consular) Project

Ministry of Exterior Relations

Ministry of Exterior Relations (Mexico)

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