Jakarta, Indonesia
07–09 DECEMBER 2015


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Checking Travel and Identity Documents - How Good Are We?

Michael van Gestel

Keesing Technologies (Netherlands)

Wednesday 09 December 10:15

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Despite the growing need for automated ID document verification, many organisations all over the globe still check ID documents manually.

Due to the large amount of different ID documents in our world, ID checking was, is and will always be challenging.

We will discuss examples of most recent counterfeits and will provide tips and tricks that help establish the authenticity and validity of an ID document.




The New Indonesian E-Passport

Sari Puspitaningrum

Perum Peruri (Indonesia)

Tuesday 08 December 10:05

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This paper describes  the creative works of Perum Peruri’s designers in order to assign to our passport, the promotion of Indonesian natural resources, its flora, fauna and touristic areas apart from completing its security features to meet the International ICAO standard of quality


Innovations in Printing for Next Generation Travel Documents

Fadi Saadallah

KBA-NotaSys (Switzerland)

Tuesday 08 December 12:50


Secure Identity for Everyone: Nigeria’s Universal ID and Payment Card Scheme

Babatunde Anifiwoshe & Peter Iwegbu

National Identity Management Commission of Nigeria

Tuesday 08 December 12:00

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In August 2014, Nigeria launched one of Africa’s most ambitious financial inclusion and identity verification projects, with 100 million Nigerians set to receive а biometric-based verification card with an electronic payment solution from MasterCard.

The e-ID card forms a key component of the Nigerian Identity Management System, deployed by the National Identity Management Commission of Nigeria as part of its mandate to create, maintain and operate the country’s first central National Identity Database and provide proof of identity to Nigerians 16 years and older.

The card is expected to provide millions of Nigerians – the majority of whom have never had access to a banking product – with the security, convenience and reliability of electronic payments.

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San Francisco, USA
10–12 FEBRUARY 2016


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Advances in Optically Variable Magnetic Printing Technologies

Edgar Müller

SICPA (Switzerland)

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The magnetic orienting of optically variable pigment particles during the printing process yields appealing, dynamic shape- and color-changing images.

The paper addresses, based on experimental measurements and their interpretation, some relationships between the pigment orientation in the obtained images and the characteristics of pigment and ink, the properties of the orienting magnets, and the curing conditions of the printed ink.


Virtual Identity Document—Sooner, Later Or Never

Raymond Wong

Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)

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This paper will explore a possible way in detail how a virtual identity document is available for real-time and on-line verification of identity using electronic or portable devices in a secure and non-repudiable manner.

The information flow and areas of concern will be addressed. Rather than a product description, this paper is intended more for comments and further deliberation to stimulate revolutionary and transformative thoughts for the future.

Bucharest, Romania
14–16 MARCH 2016

Mexico City, Mexico
20–22 JUNE 2016

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