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Five organisations have won a prestigious award for their outstanding contribution in tax stamp design, innovation or delivery.


Sponsored by Tax Stamp News, the awards were presented at a special ceremony during the Tax Stamp Forum, which took place in Miami in front of 230 delegates.

Each of the awards recognises the important role that tax stamp programmes play in combating illicit trade and protecting tax revenues.

Award Winners

The winner of the Best Design Award 2015 was:

  • APO Production Unit (2014 Philippine Excise Tax Stamps)

The joint winners of the Best New Innovation 2015 were:

  • AM-PG Group (Republic of Armenia Tax Project)
  • Aduana Del Ecuador SENAE (SIGVEF – Sistema de Gestión y Verificación de Etiquetas Fiscales)

The joint winners of the Best Tax Stamp Programme 2015 were:

  • APO Production Unit (2014 Philippine Excise Tax Stamps)
  • Turkish Revenue Authority (Banderol Product Tracking System)

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