ID and Secure Document News draws on the extensive editorial experience of Reconnaissance International

Reconnaissance has 60 years of collective experience in writing and publishing newsletters which provide news, insight and analysis in succinct, to-the-point articles for a specialist, security-oriented readership.

ID and Secure Document News draws on this experience to provide the latest and most important news and analysis for issuers and producers of identity documents and related systems.

David Tidmarsh
David’s career has been spent in the security printing industry – with Bemrose, OpSec and Crane. He is a lead contributor to all of Reconnaissance’s newsletters and co-director of the High Security Printing Conferences and Optical Document Security.

Astrid Mitchell
Astrid has held positions with De La Rue, Bundesdruckerei and OpSec, and is currently editor of Currency News and co-editor of Tax Stamp News as well as Conference Director for the High Security Printing Conferences and Tax Stamp Forum.

Nicola Sudan
Nicola joined Reconnaissance from the security specialists SICPA, and is co-editor of Tax Stamp News as well as a key researcher and writer for Currency News and Authentication News.

Micaal Sidorov
Micaal is involved in all Reconnaissance’s publications with a particular focus on the ID sector and is the company’s representative at ID-related events around the world.

Ian Lancaster
Founder of Reconnaissance International, editor of Authentication News, Holography News, General Secretary of the IHMA and Conference Director for the Holography Conference and Optical Document Security.

Advisory Board

Working with the editorial team to advise on the direction and development of the newsletter will be an editorial advisory board, with representatives comprising a range of the most authoritative and influential voices in the business.

Julian Ashbourn
A technology consultant, specialising in identity management, security and IT infrastructure with expert knowledge of biometrics. He has been at the forefront of the biometrics industry since its inception, not as a creator or seller of biometric systems but as an implementer and user of the technology.

Within his sphere of expertise, he has introduced many new concepts including the User Psychology Index, the Biometric Operability Index and others, and has authored a number of related books including Practical Biometrics: From Aspiration to Implementation and, most recently, Guide to Biometrics for Large-Scale Systems.

John Mercer – Consultant, AJW-Inc
A consultant in secure documents with experience as a chemist at the US Treasury Bureau of Engraving & Printing, working with the physical characteristics of papers and inks used in the printing of US paper currency and postage stamps, and later the US State Department where he was the sole technical officer for the security features of US passports and visas.

He began his association with the International Civil Aviation (ICAO) in 1994, and chaired the ICAO Document Content and Format Working Group (DCFWG) for seven years. He presently attends the Implementation and Capacity Building Working Group (ICBWG).

He has given talks at Intergraf, the Interpol Anti-Counterfeit Conference, the Holography Conference, and dozens of other venues. He has participated in workshops and training sessions with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

He is presently the Chairman of the Optical Document Security Conference. He is on the Program Committee for the Document Security Alliance, and on the Advisory Board for the Keesing Journal of Documents and Identity, for which he has written many articles.

Monica Peralta
A forensic document analyst, specialised in questioned ID and travel documents. Monica is an expert in Scientific Crime Investigation and Judicial Expertise from Austral University (UA) Judicial Law Department.

Monica is a Graphic Arts professor in the Policia Federal Argentina University Institute (IUPFA) as well as a visiting professor in the International Masters of Criminology and Forensic Sciences at Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales University (UCES).

She is the author of “Fraude Documentario” ® course, applied to immigration control; and a collaborator of “Multimedia Graphic Production” book.

Tony Poole
Tony Poole has over 20 years’ experience working with the document security industry.  As an expert in counterfeit deterrence technologies, he has been instrumental in the formulation of strategies for the development, introduction and implementation of sophisticated anti-counterfeit security devices/documents for major agencies of the United States Government. He is a Board Member of the Document Security Alliance and holds a degree in Business Management.

Alex van Duuren – Owner, AVDSolutions
As owner of AVDSolutions, Alex provides consulting services in ID Management and ID Solutions. He started his career at the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, which is responsible for the immigration services in the Netherlands and worked for the Expertisecentre IdentityFraud and Document (ECID) for over 11 years and 18 years in total for the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. He was trained on all courses of identity document examination in the Netherlands, including expert level and also studied environmental law, and the law on aliens and foreigners. He has obtained a certificate of assistant district attorney. Alex van Duuren was a lecturer and speaker on several international podia, like SDW, Reconnaissance Praag and within the External Border Fund in Bulgaria responsible for 3 seminars.

Alex was an advisor, consultant and policy employee for projects such as ABC Schiphol (No-Q), Registered Travellers Programm FLUX and also was an advisor for the current Netherlands passport. He also (co)authored the paper, “Electronic Passport Readers (2007) and The Limits of Electronic Passport Readers” (2009). He has a Bachelor in Business Informatics (2010), graduating with excellence (A/A+ equivalent) on the topics of business process optimisation for immigrations by automating borders.