See What Makes E-ID Projects Successful

The global ID market and the trend towards e-ID programmes with systems married to secure documents is dynamic, growing and developing at a rapid pace. The need for secure identity documents within such programmes has never been greater, so there is also a need for specifiers, issuers and producers to ensure that they have access to the latest information on security systems, materials and methods.

The first issue of ID and Secure Document News was published in September 2013 and is published monthly to bring you considered, thoughtful and thought-provoking reports on the latest news, with expert analysis and insight. It is the comprehensive one-stop source of information for everyone involved in the specification, production, protection, personalisation, integration and issue of personal ID documents and the data they contain.

Who should read ID and Secure Document News?

  • Government departments and agencies for home affairs, immigration, transport and homeland security
  • Law enforcement, border control and document examiners
  • State printing works and commercial high security printers
  • Developers of substrates, security features, inlays and laminates
  • Suppliers of cards, chips and biometric technologies
  • Providers of personalisation technologies
  • Suppliers and integrators of passport and ID systems
  • Equipment and systems manufacturers for credentials, enrolment, production and personalisation, finishing, analysis, readers and terminals
  • Investors, analysts and consultants

Reasons to Subscribe

  • Focused
    The only monthly B2B newsletter dedicated solely to ID documents, systems and management
  • Concise
    Provides a filtered digest and précis of all the key market developments in an easy-to-read, and searchable, format
  • Credible
    The authoritative editorial team is drawn from the highest levels of the ID world
  • Up-to-Date
    The frequency of publication will ensure you are kept abreast of the latest news
  • Impartial
    It will establish the facts to give you the inside angle on ID
  • Anaysis
    In-depth features, reviews and forecasts as well as the latest news and developments
  • Value
    Competitively-priced, with substantial discounts for volume and extended term subscriptions, and enhanced benefits through the Tender Alert and DataVault ID services
  • Secure
    Circulation will be restricted to only those with a legitimate interest in ID and Secure Document News™


Extensive and Expert Coverage

ID and Secure Document News provides coverage of the essential developments in secure ID documents and systems, conveniently within the pages of one newsletter. The ID field is developing fast, so ID and Secure Document News will develop with it to ensure you are up to date with news, views, trends and analysis.

Coverage includes:

  • The latest in security features, methods and systems
  • Developments in biometrics and smart card technologies
  • Specifications, directives and characteristics of new ID documents
  • Production, personalisation and integration systems and equipment
  • Devices for data capture, verification, and forensic analysis
  • Corporate developments among component, systems and finished product suppliers
  • Case studies showcasing examples of new travel and ID programmes around the world
  • Specifications, directives and standards from ICAO, the EU, ISO and other international organisations
  • New contracts and tenders
  • Market projections
  • Systems and solutions for the future

Coverage of these topics will be relevant to issuers, specifiers, designers and producers of:

  • Passports and visas
  • Government or state issued ID cards including national ID cards, voting cards, immigration cards, driving licences, health cards, resident permits etc
  • Certificates (including birth, marriage and death, firearms, educational etc)
  • Vehicle licences and registration documents
  • Other government or non-government issued secured forms of ID cards.