‘Most Concise Overview of Tax Stamps You Can Get in 3 Days’

As the only event that brings together the relatively small global tax stamp community, the 5th Tax Stamp Forum™ - held in Dubai from 15-17 September - was universally lauded by its 230 attendees.

Since its inception in 2009, the Forum – organised by Reconnaissance International – has grown in attendance by more than 55%; this growth is testimony to the increasing support from suppliers and revenue authorities alike, who see the value of having a dedicated event such as this.

But the increased support was not only manifested in numbers; it was also evidenced by the positive attendee feedback.

If there was one piece of feedback that really stood out, it was that of how much delegates valued being able to meet and learn from others – whether from different players in the supply chain or different places in the world.

“A great networking platform to connect to all the industry players”

As one delegate described it, the event was a ‘great networking platform to connect to all the industry players’. Another delegate said ‘the most tangible effect is a sense of empowerment for all stakeholders with regard to revenue and brand protection’.

This year the Forum welcomed finance ministries, revenue authorities and state printers from North and South America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. Asian and African delegations, in particular, turned up in large numbers, from countries that have either implemented new tax stamp programmes – Indonesia, Kenya and Mauritius – or from those looking to do so – Sri Lanka, Liberia and Burundi.

“…the experience I got will help me…”

‘As it is my first year to attend this kind of meeting, the experience I got will help me when I go back to my own country, where we are introducing tax stamps for the first time,’ commented a delegate from the Burundi Revenue Agency.

The Forum was also supported by industry suppliers that included SICPA (platinum sponsor), AM-PG Group, Bowater and Madras Security Printers (gold sponsors), and 19 exhibitors. In addition to suppliers and government agencies, the Forum was attended by manufacturers of cigarettes and alcohol – the products most concerned by excise stamps.

Reconnaissance International would like to thank all of the sponsors, exhibitors and delegates of the Forum for having transformed it into an important and valuable event for the global tax stamp community.

We look forward to seeing you all again at the next Forum in Miami in November 2015.

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