At each Tax Stamp Forum, we provide a pre-conference workshop before the general sessions begin. Invited industry professionals and leaders in their field provide an in-depth insight into a particular topic.

Details of our 2017 workshop are below. Closer to the date of the next conference in 2018, we will release details of the next workshop.

Introducing a Modern Tax Stamp Programme

The workshop will provide attendees with a multi-dimensional overview of what it takes to establish (or upgrade) a tax stamp programme, including its integration into secure track and trace systems. It will cover both strategic and practical aspects, as well as the essential components and methodologies related to implementing such programmes. Its focus will be primarily from the government perspective in terms of what tax administrations need to do to establish a modern-day programme.

The workshop will be run by Michael Eads of Sovereign Border Solutions. SBS advises governments and industries on secure supply chain strategies as well as customs, excise and border management practices. Michael is one of the experts appointed by the European Commission for the traceability and authentication requirements under the EU Tobacco Products Directive.