Anatomy of the Modern Tax Stamp

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See How Tax Stamps Are Evolving

This essential guide explores the characteristics and function of modern tax stamps - and the security elements they contain.

Image courtesy of De La Rue
Image courtesy of De La Rue

Published by Tax Stamp News, this special report provides an excellent introduction to the industry for the specifiers and issuers of excise tax stamps.

It looks at all aspects of today’s modern tax stamps – and describes both traditional and technological components.

The report was published in April 2016. It is available in print and pdf formats.

…contains very interesting information derived from the experience of other tax administrations which are in the same situation as us

Tax authority in Latin America

Complimentary copies

The report is provided free to all customs, excise and revenue agencies.

It will also be distributed to law enforcement departments and other government organisations involved in the specification, procurement and enforcement of tax stamp programmes.

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What's Inside

What does an excise tax stamp look like today, compared to what it used to look like? What are the drivers that have shaped the modern stamp and what are the individual parts of that stamp that make up the whole? What role does the stamp have today that it did not have before?

These are the questions addressed in this first special tax stamp report.

It dissects the stamp and describes the characteristics and function of each dissected piece – from the material elements of substrate, printing methods, ink and multilevel security features, to the digital elements of unique coding and associated track and trace systems.

The report also looks at the tax stamp as a whole by referring to different stamp programmes currently being used across the world.

Included in this special report:

  • The Evolution of Tax Stamps
  • Substrates and Embedded Security
  • Printing Processes
  • Holograms
  • Security Inks
  • Taggants
  • Unique Identifying Codes
  • The Physical/Digital Link
  • Track and Trace

Who Should Read It

  • Tax stamp issuing authorities (ministries of finance, revenue, treasury departments)
  • Customs and excise departments
  • Law enforcement and investigative services
  • Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers of tobacco and alcohol products
  • Security printers – state-owned and commercial
  • Security labelling and converting companies
  • Systems and equipment manufacturers
  • Project manager and systems integrators
  • Suppliers of security substrates, components, authentication technologies

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The Anatomy of a Tax Stamp is available in printed format or as a pdf.

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