Nairobi, Kenya
7-9 MAY 2018


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Tobacco and Alcohol Tax Stamp Programmes in Bangladesh

Jalal Ahmed

Bangladesh Tariff Commission (Bangladesh)

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This presentation examines the initiatives of the Bangladesh government to maximise revenues and control the illicit trade of tobacco and alcohol, including the use of tax stamp programmes.


Belgium and Luxembourg’s All-Digital Tax Stamp

Quentin van den Hove

Agfa Graphics & Fedopress (Belgium)


An Automated System for Managing Entire Tax Stamp Lifecycles in the Slovak Republic

Tomáš Rovňák

Allexis (Slovakia)

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The Tax Stamps Management and Control System (TSMCS), implemented by Allexis in 2014, consists of a single solution which manages the entire lifecycle of each tax stamp. Several interconnected modules cover the whole process, starting from ordering the tax stamp by distributors and importers, throughout the printing and distribution management, and the control of the stamps by the revenue authorities. By introduction of TSMCS, states authorities in Slovakia have the opportunity to verify each tax stamp via QR code, which holds the information about each labelled product, which helps to fight against tax frauds and also helps to protect public health by removing the fake and harmful products form the market.

In 2015, more than half a million tax stamps were printed and registered into the TSMCS in the Slovak Republic. Out of this number, several tens of thousands of stamps were verified either by tax and customs authorities, or by consumers via the mobile app. And out of this number, more than one tenth of scanned tax stamps were identified either as incorrectly applied, or as not found in the system. Over the defined period of time, it has been proved, that TSMCS had helped to verify significantly more samples compared to conventional methods of control. Therefore we believe that the future of tax stamps lies in digital security as well as involvement of all stakeholders into the management, control and verification of stamps.


The Evolution of ISO’s Tax Stamp Standard

Ian Lancaster

Project Leader ISO 19998 (UK)

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