The Coin Conference focuses on circulating coins as part of countries' currency strategies.


This includes the design, security and cost-effective production, as well as handling, distribution and management in circulation.

It is aimed at the government bodies responsible for coin issue – central banks and treasury departments – as well as mints and suppliers of materials and equipment for production, handling, processing, verification, counting, distribution and reclamation.

Circulating coins play a key societal role in facilitating transactions, and comprise an intrinsic component of treasury department and central bank cash strategies. Forecasting demand, determining the optimum note/coin boundary, optimizing circulation, minimizing costs, maximizing revenues in the form of seignorage, and building and maintaining public confidence are all issues that are central to such strategies.

These issues are covered at the Coin Conference, along with the challenges presented by counterfeiting, performance in circulation, demand and alternative payment methods.