Sponsored by Currency News, the awards were presented at a special ceremony during The Coin Conference, which took place on 22 October in Madrid.


Best New Circulating Coin or Series

A category that asseses the historical content, continuity of series, innovation, uniqueness, security and overall coin design.  The coins shortlisted for 2015 were:

  • Papua New Guinea 50 toea ‘XV Pacific Games’ (Royal Australian Mint);
  • Tanzania 500 shilingi  (The Royal Mint);
  • Peru 1 nuevo sol ‘Sacred City of Caral’ (Central Reserve Bank of Peru)

This award was won by the Bank of Papua New Guinea and Royal Australian Mint for the Papua New Guinea 50 ‘toea’ coin.

The denomination celebrates the ‘XV Pacific Games’ and is a multi-coloured circulating coin, which features on its reverse the logo and colours of the Pacific Games.

Best New Coin Innovation

This category refers to a new idea or process that enhances the security, appearance or durability of circulating coins. It may also include innovation in the distribution and recycling of circulating coins, including policy initiatives.

The projects shortlisted for 2015 were:

  • Hong Kong Monetary Authority: Coin Collection Programme;
  • Royal Spanish Mint: Quadruple Latent Image;
  • The Royal Mint: Coin Reclamation Programme

This award was won by Hong Kong Monetary Authority for its creative solution to stop coin hoarding.

The HKMA uses Coin Carts that go out into the community to encourage people to deposit coins. The programme helps with the recirculation of coins and reduces minting costs.

Best New Circulating  Commemorative or Test Coin

A New Category for 2015: The coin must be legal tender and made available or issued to the public at face value.

This category is designed for circulating coins, the main purpose of which is to commemorate a special event or person. It does NOT include collectors or souvenir coins sold at above face value.

The coins shortlisted for 2015 are:

  • New Zealand 50 cent Anzac Centenary coin (Royal Canadian Mint);
  • Netherlands €2 marking the 200th anniversary of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Royal Dutch Mint);
  • Armenia 200 dram ‘Wild trees of Armenia’ (Central Bank of Armenia)

This award went to Royal Canadian Mint and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand for the New Zealand 50 cent Anzac Centenary coin.

This is New Zealand’s first coloured circulation coin and commemorates the 100th anniversary of the landing on the Gallipoli Peninsula during the First World War by Anzac, the joint corps of Australian and NZ armed forces.

Best Public Education Campaign or Website

A New Category for 2015: The education or public campaign programme should be designed to inform stakeholders, including the general public in a user friendly format, perhaps using multiple communication channels such as brochures, social media, smartphone apps etc.

The 2015 shortlist comprises:

  • Bank of Mexico: 20 peso commemorative coins and banknote and coins exchange program;
  • Royal Canadian Mint: program for 25-cent coins commemorating the Canadian Artic Expedition centenary;
  • The Royal Mint: Lucky Penny Campaign.

The Bank of Mexico is the winner of the public education award, with a campaign to encourage Mexican’s to adopt a series of 20-peso commemorative coins.

It was also recognised for its promotion of an improved Banknotes and Coins Exchange Service, which enables the public to obtain change in an efficiently and conveniently without fees.


As with the banknote-related awards, the shortlist is drawn up by the Awards Committee, and then put to a vote by IACA members.

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