The 2017 Programme

Monday 23rd October

Pre Conference Workshops

Our workshops enable you to gain an in-depth understanding of a topical issue.

Run by a leader in their field, these workshops provide best practice advice and case study examples to enhance your professional knowledge.

Workshop 1: The MDC’s Customer Task Force

At the last Coin Conference in Madrid, the workshop on ‘Coins for Cash’ examined key aspects of coins – among them attractiveness, innovation, public perception, security and trust – and ‘balloted’ participants, mainly central banks, on the relative importance of these both at the start and at the end of the workshop. Surprisingly, the voting before and after changed 180 degrees, demonstrating the lack of appreciation by coin producers on what the issuers actually want.

Hence the formation, by the MDC, of a Customer Task Force to gain a clear understanding of the key issues affecting the different stakeholders for coins, to share innovation and to remind stakeholders what coins are for.

This workshop – organised by Dieter Merkle of Schuler Group and also convenor of the MDC Taskforce – will take the work of Madrid to the next stage by defining the national authorities’ priorities, which will be used to inform the taskforce’s work so that it can ensure the coin community is meeting these priorities.

This workshop is for central banks and coin issuers only, and is free of charge.

Workshop 2: The Note/Coin Boundary


Whilst setting the coin/note boundary is generally straightforward at the low end or the high end of the denominational spectrum, the case for the middle denominations has never been more competitive.

Moreover, the only ‘accepted’ model of where this boundary should lie was devised by the banknote industry, so is hardly unbiased. And many countries don’t even come close to following it anyway, resulting in a plethora of very low value banknotes, where the interests of the country would be much better served by replacing these with coins.

The mint industry has taken on the challenge of redefining this boundary, and some of the leading mints will take participants through the economics and related social issues of banknotes versus coins in circulation, the steps it is taking to offer an alternative model to the industry standard,   and how issuers could benefit financially from a more balanced structure between paper and metal currency.

Workshop 3: How to Forecast Coin Demand

Forecasting demand for coins is notoriously difficult. Get it wrong, and banks will either be holding large (and expensive) stocks of unwanted coins, or there will be insufficient coins in circulation. But how to accurately forecast future demand, given that coins – unlike banknotes – rarely return from circulation and hence do not provide the key data that enables future demand to be assessed?

This workshop will examine different models of coin forecasting from around the world, and the advantages and drawbacks of these models, enabling participants to both share with and learn from the experience of others on how to strike the right balance between supply and demand.

Welcome Cocktail Reception (evening)

Tuesday 24th October

The first day of the conference takes a broad look at the challenges and issues impacting on coin issue and circulation, with a particular emphasis on the analysis of industry trends and best practice examples.


Evening: Conference Dinner and Presentation of Excellence in Currency Awards For Coins

Wednesday 25th October

Day two takes a more detailed view of new and proven methods for driving efficiencies, reducing costs, enhancing security, and optimising circulation.

Farewell Drinks

Thursday 26th October

Tour of the Mint of Poland

Details of the tour to the Mint of Poland can be viewed here.

Numbers will be limited for this tour, with 2 groups,  if you would like to join please email:

Group 1 –  09.15 hrs departure from the Marriott Hotel, returning around 13.00 hrs.

Group 2 – 12.20 hrs departure from the Marriott Hotel, returning around 16.00 hrs.